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Thomas Muthee To Speak At Sarah Palin Church This Weekend

Hunter of witches Thomas Muthee touched Sarah Palin’s life in 2005 when he laid his hands on Palin and gave supernatural assistance to her campaign for Governor. A few weeks ago, in June 2008, Sarah Palin was caught on video tape fondly remembering Muthee, and giving him credit for bringing spiritual forces into play to enable her to win the political campaign.

The woman who Thomas Muthee sent violent mobs against, and had thrown into jail on suspicion of witchcraft before she fled town in fear of her life will not remember Muthee as fondly as Palin does.

What will Wasilla’s remembrance of Thomas Muthee be: Anti-witch huckster or prophet of God?

Wasilla Assembly of God anti-witch team

If I were a journalist, I’d fly to Wasilla this weekend and find out for myself. I’d also try to arrange a one-on-one interview with Thomas Muthee himself, and ask him how he summons his supernatural power to anoint political leaders like Sarah Palin.

You see, Thomas Muthee is coming to Wasilla again this weekend. He’ll be delivering a set of new sermons at the Wasilla Assembly of God church, the very church where Sarah Palin thanked Thomas Muthee a few weeks ago for giving her enough supernatural mojo to become Governor of Alaska.

sermon schedule for the witch hunter thomas muthee this weekendHere’s Muthee’s schedule.

I notice that there are some empty times. Will Muthee be meeting with Sarah Palin again, or some just some representatives of the McCain 2008 campaign?

Will Muthee conducting an anti-witch workshop? If there are any witches in Wasilla, you might want to get of town for the weekend. If you don’t, Thomas Muthee might send some people over from the Assembly of God to stone you.

13 thoughts on “Thomas Muthee To Speak At Sarah Palin Church This Weekend”

  1. DARK ENERGY says:

    Audio of two sermons given by Bishop Muthee are available at the KingsGate Church website…

    At about 16:30 of the audio, Muthee recounts meeting a woman who told him that she had resurrected a dead child brought to some sort of prayer meeting in Bolivia. Muthee then declares that he longs for such meetings. Weird stuff.


  2. J. Clifford says:

    Oh, the one I’m listening to is full of talking about how people have to obey their religious leaders. Authoritarian stuff, mixed with talk about how there are demonic energies out there plotting to get us. Creepy.

  3. Wings2 says:

    Mark 16:17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues. Jesus cast out demons and raised the dead, he was not a community organizer! And He also said, “Greater things shall you do.” That is what believers in Jesus Christ do today.

  4. VanadiusRex says:

    Palin says Pastor Muthee is “awesome!” and says “This guy is really bold!”

    Muthee had driven an innocent woman out of a town in Kenya by claiming she was practicing witchcraft and inciting a mob to terrorize her.

    Palin’s church fully APPROVED of Muthee’s outrageous statements and actions – and Palin even expressed GRATITUDE to Muthee for having prayed for the success of her campaign to become governor.

    Can you accept a Vice President who believes in witchcraft?

  5. Njuguna Mwaniki says:

    I am a member of bishop Muthee church in Kiambu Kenya.
    It is only today we noted he was not home but he has flown to Alaska to preach there. We are surprised he is so popular in the US. He usually takes a low profile and not many people know him in Kenya. We are a bit worried about what so much publicity can do to him while he loathes it. It is us members that are basking in his glory.

  6. Ralph says:

    I’m very curious Njuguna. As a member of Muthee’s church, what is your personal view of Muthee’s persecution of witches? Do you know anything about it personally? I would be very interested to hear your views on the way this is being talked about in America.

  7. Rose says:

    Be cautious every one to point a finger at an anointed one of God. Let God be the judge

  8. Jim says:

    If he’d show up, he’d be welcome to put his 2 cents in. But I’ve never seen him actually show up, Rose… just lots of people spattering themselves with oil and calling themselves “anointed.”

  9. Jingizu says:

    Hopefully this superstitious fundamentalist won’t be voted into the office of VC! FFS America, wake up! Do you really want to go back to the dark ages?

  10. Nathaniel says:

    you all have it all wrong there not into witchcraft im staff with the youth ministries and never have i have seen any witch craft come forth be blessed

  11. nathaniel says:

    Matthew 7:2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    1. Jim says:

      Inches, then!

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