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How Many Palin Supporters Believe Demons Shape Our Politics?

I have been shocked by the response of American voters to the news that Sarah Palin claims to have gained the position of Governor of Alaska because of the supernatural intervention of a man who gained his own political power by hunting down women he accused of witchcraft. I’m shocked because many Americans think that making accusations of witchcraft against women is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

sarah palin's pastor with witch hunter thomas mutheeI used to wonder how the Salem witch trials could ever have taken place. Now I see that there are many Americans who share the beliefs of the people who ran the Salem witch trials. They believe that demons and evil spells and spirits are real, and are a serious problem that America’s leaders must confront. They are encouraged by the hope that Sarah Palin could use the power of the presidency to crack down on witchcraft.

I took it for granted that most Americans would recognize the absurdity of Palin claiming that a witch-fighting preacher used his spiritual powers to make her Governor. Now I see that I may have been wrong in that assumption, and I fear that those who are eager for a campaign against witchcraft may be numerous enough and enthusiastic enough to tip this election toward Sarah Palin and John McCain.

The following are a few of the comments that have been made by people finding out about Sarah Palin’s connection to Thomas Muthee, the witch hunting pastor who is once again visiting the Wasilla Assembly of God church this coming weekend:

“The demons are real and cause much trouble. Just look at America. We have forsaken GOD and his son Jesus Christ, and Harry Potter is the new god we are teaching our children. Is it any wonder that our civilization is faltering. Every nation that has fogotten GOD has been cast down to hell. Blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD.”

“he [Muthee] and she [Palin] are up against Obama this time…a candidate for AntiChrist of the Last Days”

“Witches are a serious problem, and Africans seem to recognise the spiritual realm much more than northern europeans.”

“Spiritual warfare is real, I have experienced this myself, though not to the degree described here. I have also been a part of church services similar to what Sarah Palin describes, where ministers have spoken to people about things they could not have known beforehand. God does work through others. Given the media basis, I’m sure some of the accounts given of Pastor Muthee’s Kenyan ministries is skewed to make Palin look bad.

Creationism should be taught in schools, it is much more plausible than Evolution. In fact, Evolution is being increasingly discredited at an expanding rate while evidence of ‘intelligent design’ is being accepted my more and more scientist.”

“We are not fighting against only politicians but demons as well. The Bible says that the god of this world is Satan.”

“Praise Jesus . . . and praise Pastor Muthee for recognizing their is evil in the world. God expects us to pray to ward off evil . . . and evil is everywhere my friends.”

“There is significant evidence that witches and witch doctors actually do things to people – heal, curse, etc. We ultra-rationalists in the West want to believe that there is nothing outside our understanding, but that is only faulty logic.”

“You basic generic secular humanist American does not understand Christianity or African witchcraft. African witches are trained to kill through poisons mostly or other means as needed. They target people specifically. This is to obtain finances or power. Spiritual warfare is important to Christians and it does have amazing results but it will always be downplayed and mocked the the secular population.”

“Evil spirits are real and they control many people in Washington, New York and especially Hollywood. It’s time for reality people. You cannot deny that Lohan and others like her are not being manipulated by evil spirits.”

“Witches are the tool of satan to bring chaos and fear upon humanity, but thank God for Pastors that recognize Gods power is greater than satan. Go Sarah!!”

“Witches and witchcraft are very prevalent in foreign countries, and by the way, demons are very real too not just something Hollywood dreamed up.”

“You say I do not believe that mumbo jumbo about the Devil and Demons! But I ask you what you base that belief on, is it a feeling you have in your gut, or maybe you took your position because someone you respect did not believe in Christ or were you enlightened by a university professor?”

“It’s too bad the libs are so satanic. God Bless the USA.”

“Witchcraft is real and talked about in The Bible. So is Spiritual Warfare. To deny a God takes more faith than accepting One.”

“Witchcraft and demon procession are real and have been around since the beginning of time.”

“I attended just last night a prayer service where a woman involved in witchcraft was freed from demonic posession.”

thomas muthee sarah palin witch stoning video witchcraft wasilla podcast

(a stoned witchcraft video podcast)

8 thoughts on “How Many Palin Supporters Believe Demons Shape Our Politics?”

  1. Sam says:

    another God post….what’s this, number 2 trillion? you are more worried about Palin’s religion than you are FISA…or Iraq…don’t deny it…you KNOW it’s true….

  2. Damon Leff says:

    quote: “You basic generic secular humanist American does not understand Christianity or African witchcraft. African witches are trained to kill through poisons mostly or other means as needed. They target people specifically. This is to obtain finances or power…” end quote.

    I am a self-defined Witch who was born on the African continent and who self-defines as an African – therefore, an African Witch.

    We (I and many others like me) are NOT trained to “kill through poisons”, have absolutely no desire to harm anyone, do not believe in the existence of ‘the devil’ or in ‘demons’, and have absolutely no interest in engaging in “spiritual warfare” against Christians or against anyone else for that matter.

    I fear however that most people would rather believe the urban legends about Witches created by Christians than pay any attention to what I have to say about my own religion and religio-magical practices.

    If you’re looking for true evil, you need only look at those who believe and propagate these urban legends.

    1. Secular One says:

      It is in fact that Christianity is the religion that practices killing with poisons to gain wealth & power. It is how they maintain their grip on the USA and elsewhere.

  3. DARK ENERGY says:

    Mr. Clifford,

    In the comments to one of the posts at Jonathan Turley’s blog, a person claiming to be “an amused Kenyan” provided an interesting perspective on Bishop Muthee and the growth of Christian ministries in Kenya. Here is what he or she wrote…

    “And as for charlatans such as Pastor Muthee, well, he is not the first one (nor will he be the last one apparently) to claim some God-given gift for sniffing out witches. Thousands of churches such as his have mushroomed all over the country, preying on a superstitious citizenry that will believe anything that promises to alleviate their fears and sufferings. And yes, someone DOES go laughing all the way to the bank after the dust settles, and that someone is Pastor Muthee and his fellow witchunters. Religion is BIG business in Kenya, believe me.” – Amused Kenyan

  4. J. Clifford says:

    Sam, I am worried about Sarah Palin’s Salem witch trials mentality because if she becomes President of the United States, she will have the powers of the FISA Amendments Act, the Patriot Act, and the Military Commissions Act at her fingertips. She will have the power to wage war, and to launch America’s nuclear missiles wherever she likes.

    Sarah Palin’s insane demon-haunted ideology is of extreme concern to me, because she is very close to having the power to put all that crazy stuff into action.

  5. Gina says:

    What are these guys smoking and where can I get some?

    Poppycock Palin and her pastor are feeding the public pure drivel.

    This stuff is more medieval than King Henry the Eighth and even more wacky than the excuses he had to get rid of his wives.

    Way out dude and just so ridiculously superstitious. Better go – I just seen a black cat run under a ladder.


    File this under Just Plain Funny:

    A writer at World Net Daily believes in Bishop Muthee’s magical powers and didn’t keep it to himself…

    I can’t stop laughing.


  7. Blake says:

    Bishop Muthee started the witch hunt accuses a woman of practicing Black magic an fortune telling told her that she doe’s not change an let Christ help her she would not leave the town that Sarah Palin grown up an the church that started burning times again. I’ve did do my homework on Bishop Muthee their is a video giving info beofe sarah Palin become mayor of alaska he prayed over her he said out of his own words Lord make way for her better things. The thing that interest me was sound more of religio-magical practices.
    Palin make it into the office as vice president she will start burning times better words accuse inncent people of practicing own religion could be Paganism or Hindu an Buddhist too. These people should think about
    which side to vote.

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