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Right Wingers Are Scaredy Cats, Study Confirms

We’ve been talking for awhile about the right wing’s politics of fear. It’s an obvious theme that anyone can pick out pretty easily. Republicans use people’s fears to get them to support policies that just don’t make sense.

Now we can say that this conclusion has a scientific basis. Right wingers are timid little scaredy cats, so says a new study at the University of Nebraska, comparing the physiological responses of people to alarming stimulus.

Participants with right wing ideology tended to react more fearfully to the stimulus than liberals. Liberals could handle the threat and get on about their business. Right wingers were more overwhelmed by fear. Their bodies got into freaked out little hissy fits, comparatively speaking.

The next time you run into someone who starts babbling about how we’re all in terrible danger from terrorists, or immigrants, or witches, just say, “I know that you can’t help it, but science indicates that right wingers like you tend to be wimps who are unable to deal with their fears. Buck up! Get a security blanket!”

Then say “Boo!” and watch ’em shiver.

12 thoughts on “Right Wingers Are Scaredy Cats, Study Confirms”

  1. Tom says:

    Good point. It may be due however to some people are not able to see or sense anything around them because of drug induced stupors, and thus are unable to respond with any type of emotion.

  2. Matthias says:

    Imagine that! It’s what makes these people so darn frightening. They are scared shitless and totally unpredictible. But it’s the only thing that keeps them going. Who could blame them for trying to spread the fear? If no one would be afraid anymore, somebody might actually start and do some constructive work. It’s much better to create virtual problems that fit into ones abilities than to face the real problems.

  3. Laura says:

    Deep down didn’t we all know that this really was the case after all?

    The Repubs definitely use fear tactics: “The Dems will let in terrorists, let illegals overrun the country, & raise the roof on taxes! They’re godless socialists & heathens! Run for your lives!”

  4. Sam says:

    Yea…come say Boo to me and see what happens…..

  5. AT says:

    On the contrary, there are many truly scary things that conservatives don’t seem to fear – such as a Palin Whitehouse. They have no idea who they are backing. They seem quite happy to have a pretty face (and an empty head) pasted over ugly conservative “values”.

  6. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Threats of violence coming out of fear. How very right wing and frightened of you, Sam. Thanks for confirming my point. You don’t need to be afraid, you know, Sam.

  7. Sam says:

    Your right, I fear progressives and their socialist agenda, the complete demiliterism of our armed forces and militant eviromentalism….no name a few….so, yea…come say boo to me….

    And I do so very welcome a Palin Whitehouse…8 years from now….

  8. Tom says:

    One thing is for sure…everyone is good at throwing insults around. That sure opens up the dialogue.

  9. AT says:

    Sam I have absolutely no socialist agenda, nor do I support any sense of demilitarization or “militant” enviromentalism. I’m ALL for our country. Only unlike you, I’d actually like to see things improve for everyone, not just rich white christians.
    You accuse the people here of the same intolerance that neo-cons are so famous for. In fact, if Irregular Times was for quashing conservative voices, they would have banned your dumb ass from this site. They can do that very easily. Im sure if I posted my views on “conservative” websites they would never make it past the censors.

    I happen to have family in the military you jerkoff. Only I would like our government to use them when we and where we are actually threatened. Don’t you assholes see that our economy is in the shitter precisely because we are spending zillions in Iraq? Are you really that fucking stupid? We couldn’t fight off a REAL threat now if we tried!

    And as far as Palin is concerned, there is nothing that you could find out about her that would ever change your mind. You’d vote for a turd in a republican suit if it got the nomination. You seem to have no ability to think for yourself. You take whatever shit they sprinkle over you and think it’s gold dust. And you call us stupid…

  10. Sam says:

    Sorry AT…but if you actually knew what your family actually does…their mission…in the military you wouldn’t be talking stupid here. With 3 kids in active service, 2 extended family, myself and my brother as long term vets, you wouldn’t even have a lick of understanding knowing what the mission in Afghanistan and Iraq are. To make stupid demands for withdraw and abandonment of the mission is the height of irresponsiblity and a clear smack down of their service AND of the lives given in our persuit of our beliefs of freedom for all. Don’t give me that shit…IF YOU really have family serving you would know that. Politics be damned…this is a service issue. So bite me!

    And apparently you can’t see pass Obama’s telepromter speeches to see the substance behind the man. he IS an empty suit that can make a good speech..that’s all…and a record of being present 132 times, or voting to kill babies after delievery is not a record to be proud of…then it must be skin color over age or gender…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone read the “scientific study”? only 46 Nebraska residents chosen for having strong political beliefs, up against a control group. The”threatening” images they were shown were a bloody face, a frightened individual with a spider on his face, and an open wound with maggots. Excuse me, but I think a heightened response to these might just show compassion and empathy? I would rather be in the group that is still affected by others’ sufferings, not in a group that can still “go about their business” after seeing this. Could it be that the conservatives are the group that still realizes there are true dangers and evil out there, and is the group that wants to do something about it? I spoke to a liberal the other day about some of the horrors in the world, and was told, “I’d rather just keep wearing my rose-colored glasses and ignore the bad.” ……wow…..thank you to all of our brave men and women in the armed forces who are willing to stand up to the injustices and fight for our freedoms as well as those who are suffering at the hands of tyrants!

  12. Tom says:

    WOW! That is a great response. I’m not sure that all consevatives and liberals would fit exactly into a “I care” or “I don’t care” category, but thanks for sharing the study.

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