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Sarah Palin E-mail Hacking Episode: Private or Public?

When news emerged yesterday that Sarah Palin’s Yahoo mail account had been broken into, John McCain campaign manager Rick Davis characterized it this way:

This is a shocking invasion of the Governor’s privacy and a violation of law. The matter has been turned over to the appropriate authorities and we hope that anyone in possession of these e-mails will destroy them.

Oh, the invasion of it all! But is it an invasion? I’m not going to dispute the legality of someone breaking into Sarah Palin’s account. But a violation of privacy? That’s up for at least some moderate debate. Under the Freedom of Information Act, Sarah Palin’s communications as Governor are a matter of public record. Sarah Palin campaigned for Governor on a promise to make her administration “open and transparent.” But like George W. Bush, Sarah Palin has been conducting official business as Governor using private e-mail accounts that are hidden from public records requests by investigators and muckrakers. In a Yahoo account, Sarah Palin can — and according to the screenshots released by hackers, did — send out Yahoo e-mails on official business without having to worry that some pesky citizen is going to uncover the contents. That’s an end run around public records access laws. It’s not “open and transparent.”

7 comments to Sarah Palin E-mail Hacking Episode: Private or Public?

  • Sam

    You focus on Palin’s emails…but not that Obama thugs hack her emails and post them…yea…that’s why progressives are dangerous…they have skewed sense of right and wrong….what ever it takes to win….okay….

  • Jim

    Substantiate your claim that “Obama thugs hack her emails and post them.” Give me a definitively sourced citation proving that someone from the Barack Obama campaign was responsible for the break-in.

  • Sam

    Oh, I’m sorry…not directly from the Obama campaign, just one of the many mindless drones that want to see the True Savior elected….my mistake….they are one and the same…

  • Jim

    No, no they aren’t. But you’ll say they are if you think it’ll get your side to win… whatever it takes to win… okay…

  • kevin


    you sound very angry. why do you hate America? why do you attack people all the time? you should go see a doctor.

  • Matthias

    ‘Mindless drones’ Great! And ‘True Savior’? That supposed to be ironic right? You gotta work on that. ‘Obama thugs’ God, this campaign is so great. Gimme more Sam.

  • Sam

    So a Tennessee State Reps son…an activist Obama Supporter is at the center of this….well, perhaps not a Chicago thug then, my mistake…just an Obama drone….

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