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McCain and Palin Protested Across the USA

demonstration signs against mccain and palinWherever John McCain and Sarah Palin go, they’re meeting protests by local voters who oppose their policies. These protests are taking place in swing states, suggesting that the McCain/Palin convention bounce may have been based on a bubble of personality politics. Carson City, Nevada, Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Grand Rapids, Michigan don’t have a lot in common – other than that large groups of people confronted the McCain/Palin campaign in these cities.

It didn’t help that when Sarah Palin arrived in Cedar Rapids, she told everyone how happy she was to be in Grand Rapids. Apparently, there is no island in Alaska from which one can see Iowa, and so Sarah Palin knows nothing about the Midwest.

Congratulations to these Americans for standing up against four more years of the same fear and attacks against freedom that we’ve been suffering under since the Republicans grabbed the White House in 2000.

protest against mccain

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