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Journalist Games With Thomas Muthee In Wasilla

On the one hand, I’m glad that there are a few journalists who are trying to cover Thomas Muthee’s appearance in Wasilla, Alaska this weekend. Among those are Max Blumenthal and Shannyn Moore. Moore appeared on Keith Olbermann’s TV show to talk about the Thomas Muthee, Sarah Palin witch hunt story this Friday.

It seems that Shannyn Moore, because she had been on TV talking about Thomas Muthee’s persecution of women he accuses of witchcraft, was identified by members of the Wasilla Assembly of God church, and was prevented from seeing Muthee speak. That’s an odd thing for Sarah Palin’s church to do, given all the public announcements about Muthee’s sermons being open to the public: “Everyone is invited to attend these meetings!” said the Wasilla Assembly of God advertisement.

Announcement for the Muthee sermons at the Wasilla Assembly of God churchReporter Max Blumenthal apparently made it in to yesterday evening’s sermon by Thomas Muthee at the Wasilla Assembly of God church. Unfortunately, Blumenthal has decided not to share what he saw there.

Why? another public blog posting, where people from the Wasilla Assembly of God can easily find it, Blumenthal wrote, “I am going to see Muthee tomorrow but am worried that all the publicity he has garnered will create an ugly media circus.”

That statement confused me. How can a reporter, going to cover a story, complain about “an ugly media circus” created by people covering a story? I went back and read Blumenthal’s short article again, and the meaning became clear. In Blumenthal’s mind, when he reports on a story, it’s good journalism. When other people report on the same story, it’s “an ugly media circus”.

In the same artlcle, Blumenthal whines, “Unfortunately, the Times of London ripped off the work of Bruce Wilson to ‘break’ the story about Muthee’s ties to Sarah Palin. Then, the story migrated to Keith Olbermann.” Ripped off?

The Times of London story that Blumenthal refers to didn’t rip off anybody, certainly not the work of Bruce Wilson (from Talk2Action). Wilson’s article focused mostly on general statements about the Pentacostal nature of the Wasilla Assembly of God church, which Sarah Palin joined at the age of twelve. Thomas Muthee’s witch hunts were barely mentioned in the Wilson article.

The Times of London article, on the other hand, focused solely on the witch hunts of Thomas Muthee, and developed details far beyond anything that Bruce Wilson had discussed. Bruce Wilson wrote two or three sentences. The Times of London wrote an entire article. In doing so, the Times of London noted a piece of Irregular Times reporting on the story: The list of sermons deleted from the Wasilla Assembly of God web site – sermons that were available to the public right up until the day that Sarah Palin was announced as the vice presidential nominee of the Republican Party. Those missing sermons included many made by Thomas Muthee.

We’re not whining here at Irregular Times that the Times of London “ripped off” our work. No, we’re glad to see other people working on developing the story. In fact, we wish that American newspapers would report on the story, whether they cite our work or not. We care about the story, not about getting credit for our part in it.

Max Blumenthal, on the other hand, seems miffed that other people are writing about a story that he wanted to write about. He regards it as unfortunate that the Times of London has written about it. He’s irritated that Keith Olbermann has talked about it. Blumenthal seems to think that the Thomas Muthee story is his turf, though, from what I can see, Blumenthal has yet to publicly contribute any new information to move the story forward. Instead, Blumenthal has information, and is selfishly keeping that information to himself for no good reason.

I’m noting this inaction on the part of Max Blumenthal, not just because it frustrates me that there’s a journalist on the scene of Thomas Muthee’s sermons who is refusing to report on them, but because Blumenthal’s selfish silence illustrates one reason that the story of Sarah Palin’s connection to the witch hunter Thomas Muthee has been written about by newspapers in Switzerland, the UK, and Romania (Un pastor kenyan, despre care Palin a afirmat ca a ajutat-o prin rugaciuni sa devina guvernator de Alaska, a fost demascat de presa ca fiind “vanator de vrajitoare” la el in Africa. Intr-un discurs rostit la o reuniune crestina la Wasilla, in luna iunie, Palin l-a omagiat pe pastorul Thomas Muthee.), while no major newspaper here in the United States of America has even acknowledged that the story exists.

The information necessary for a full-length article is already easily available online, by American reporters seem to be worried more about claiming possession of the story, by grabbing their own piece of original information before their competitors can. Unwilling to share credit for a story that has been gradually forming due to the work of many people, they’re choosing to remain silent.

It’s not unfortunate that Keith Olbermann and the Times of London have reported on the Thomas Muthee – Sarah Palin connection. It’s unfortunate that not more people have.

A good reporter doesn’t need to have a story suppressed before he or she can write about it. Good reporters have been able to find breaks in stories where public scrutiny was high. If Max Blumenthal can’t report on Thomas Muthee today because the Times of London has written about Muthee already, then the problem lies with Blumenthal, not with the Times of London.

Let’s keep our eye on the ball: What matters is the story, not who reports it. The story is that Sarah Palin claims to have been made Governor of Alaska through the supernatural powers of Thomas Muthee, a preacher who, before having repeated interactions with Palin while she was mayor of Wasilla, gained power and fame through the violent persecution of women, accusing them of witchcraft and running them out of town, contributing to a wave of violence in Kenya conducted in the name of exterminating witches.

9 thoughts on “Journalist Games With Thomas Muthee In Wasilla”

  1. DARK ENERGY says:

    Please send this to Keith Olbermann…

    Links to audio of two sermons given by Bishop Muthee are available at the KingsGate Church website…

    Service 1:

    Mirror of Service 1:

    Service 2:

    At about 23:45 of Service 1, Muthee declares that the more “violent” believers become the quicker they will see things happen…

    “The violent take it by force. People that have spiritual backbones are the ones that are going to advance. They are the ones that will move forward. I thank God for what I see happening in this place. I thank God for the vision, the passion that I can see here. And my word is this: the more violent you become, the more committed you become, the quicker you will see things happen in this region.” – Bishop Muthee

    The Violent Take It By Force, Pastor Ed Kalnins, sermon given July 18, 2004…

    At about 16:30 of Service 2, Muthee recounts meeting a woman who told him that her prayers resurrected a dead child brought to some sort of prayer meeting in Bolivia. Muthee professes his faith in the woman’s account and declares that he longs for the kind prayer meeting she spoke of.

  2. DARK ENERGY says:

    Someone made a video of Bishop Muthee’s sermon…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been emailing the links from the Irregular Times here that show Palin talking about Muthee’s praying over her to be governor, his advocating violence & driving out witches, etc. to CNN & at least half a dozen major city newspapers. I’ve sent them asking why the larger medias don’t publish & show this stuff. Obama came under heavy scrutiny for his religious beliefs and church associates. Why doesn’t Palin? I still have yet to see any of them show those videos or bring it up.

  4. Junga says:

    That’s the double standard. Evangelical ranting and raving about demons and witches is called “folksy” by the journalists. Obama’s church demanding social justice is deemed “elitist”.

    And America giving corporate welfare to Wall Street is called “responsible”. What, are ordinary working families small enough to fail?

  5. Laura says:

    It’s definitely a double standard. Then you have people on the far right screaming about the “liberal” media. If they’re so liberal, then why aren’t they showing these?

    All they’ve shown is the part about the “task from God” stuff. Palin talked her way out of that saying that she was paraphrasing Lincoln from the Civil War, and now that’s mostly behind her.

    This is a scary brand of theocracy that she wants to bring to the White House, and the major media outlets are asleep! If they’re liberal then I’m the married to the Pope.

  6. Ruth says:

    Actually it was that introduced the story about Palin being anointed by Muthee and the story of Muthee and the witch two weeks ago. The story was also included in a video produced by Bruce Wilson. Accompanying articles on Talk2action provided documentation and supplemental information.

    Another article dated Sept 20m is titled Palin, Muthee, and the Witch- Journalists Miss the Major Story, and explains the Transformations video. The Muthee story was originally featured on a 1999 video that was used to promote the idea of spiritual warfare and spiritual mapping to transform cities.

    Palin’s churches are part of the New Apostolic Reformation also called Third Wave, a movement which believes that they have been imparted with special outpourings of spiritual gifts. They believe that they have a mandate to defeat evil and take control of society and governments of the world before the return of Jesus. The movement is considered post-denominational but it has heavily influenced many AoG churches including many in Alaska.

  7. Max Blumenthal says:

    File this unsane post under no good deed goes unpunished. FYI I’m on my way to L.A. via Alaska to edit my footage, which includes much more that Muthee. Hopefully IT will continue promoting my work and that of Bruce Wilson and Ruth, who broke this story.

  8. J. Clifford says:

    Max, play more games about turf if you like, but it was the Christian Science Monitor that broke the story, in 1999, if we have to give someone original credit. The rest has been due to the work of a combination of people, including the Wasilla Assembly of God itself playing different roles with information that was already out in the public realm.

    Irregular Times will continue promoting your work, as I did in another article thanking you for your great quotes on the python spirit. But, when you claim that you can’t share information because you might be exposed on an undercover mission you just wrote about in public, and write peevish notes about how unfortunate it is that an important story has received attention before you could do more work on it, I would hope you understand that you’re just ripe enough to be poked a bit.

    We were the first to distribute the re-released 2005 Muthee video from the Wasilla Assembly of God church, and get a transcript out, etc., but do the journalists credit us? Mostly no, and I don’t care about that.

    I care about getting the story out, not about pretending I’m Lois Lane trying to outscoop somebody. Jeez.

  9. DAVY HOBSON says:

    Time for all Americans to be Americans

    What does it mean to you to be an American? Perhaps that is a very broad question and no doubt there are as many answers as there are citizens of this great country.

    And speaking of our great country, let’s suggest a few things that have formed the foundation of this greatness. First of all, we began as one nation under God. Yes the phrase is actually still in our Pledge of Allegiance. Secondly, there is the Constitution of the United States developed by our founding fathers and empowered into being by the States. And thirdly, the frameworks of a unique government like none other before it that provides checks and balances to assure that the citizen class is never ignored in order to carry out the will of the people.

    With the above foundations in place, guess what happens next? This country grows faster and stronger and freer than any other before it. And in just over 200 years we have been
    transformed from small colonies of people to the greatest nation in the world. So what has happened? Why does it seem we are in meltdown?

    Now if you are like me, you probably have lived all your life in this country characterized as one of the most affluent, industrious, militarily strong and free nations on all the earth. Has anything happened in these United States that you would consider threatening to any of those characteristics? Yes perhaps it is a baited question. But stop and consider how long it has taken for the majority of the populace to “wake up” and see that the threat is indeed very real and the times are dire for a return to what made this country great.

    It is good to have various factions, parties, movements, etc such as Democrats, Republicans, Constitutionalists, Independents, and Tea Parties to influence law making in these United States. But here is the challenge I issue, “now is time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country”[i]. It is time for us to just be Americans and save our country.

    Come on folks, admit it. How many of us researched the voting records of the candidates elected in the last few years? Remember it is not what they say, but what they have done that provides the best picture of how a candidate will perform in a public office role in serving the electorate.

    But what makes it all seem so futile, is if we were to manage to elect leaders who would be loyal to the Constitution and serve selflessly to preserve, defend and protect it, would our
    government hold together? It is doubtful for one reason. Our most important and foundational principle is that we be one nation under God. If we do not acknowledge His hand upon us and request His guidance as a people, as a nation, as a government of leaders, then America’s days are numbered. It may require our abandoning name tags and parties. What is a country worth to us? Nothing can be more precious than what we have been privileged to have been given by our founding fathers. It is time we bond together to be first and foremost, Americans. Then we will be able to return America to its majestic greatness it has shown throughout its short history. But again, we have to humble ourselves as a nation and seek the Lord our God with all our heart and He will hear us and restore our honor as a one nation under God. As history has illustrated, this is what it takes to be American. Truly the time is now for all of us Americans to be American.
    Author: Davy Hobson

    © Davy D Hobson 2010-10-26


    [i] Charles E Weller, 1867

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