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Sarah Palin’s Church Provided Material Support to Witch Hunter While Palin Was in Attendance

New evidence has emerged making it clear that Sarah Palin’s church in Wasilla provided material support to the religious campaign of a violent witch hunter, the same violent witch hunter who Palin credits with bringing God’s approval to her gubernatorial campaign. The material support was provided to the witch hunter at least as recently as 1999-2000, while Sarah Palin was an attending member of that church.

The Wasilla Assemblies of God originally took down recordings of multiple sermons by Thomas Muthee, the pastor who laid his hands on Sarah Palin in 2005 and told God to make her Governor, but now the WAG has put those recordings back up, making them available for you to listen. Sarah Palin was presumably listening in on these sermons of Muthee’s as well, considering that this was the time when Muthee personally laid hands on her.

The following is an introduction to Thomas Muthee given by WAG Pastor Ed Kalnins on October 11, 2005 in Wasilla Alaska (see the Muthee sermon “Faithfullness”):

So he and his wife moved to Kiambu, and at first they weren’t happy about it but now they are. Amen. Isn’t that perseverance? Isn’t that really good? People know perseverance is so important.

The intercessors got together and started tearing down strongholds, tearing down demonic realms over that city of Kiambu. And through the result of that there was breakthrough. And, um, so, uh, when Bishop Muthee came for the first time we saw him on the videotape, the Valley Pastors says, “We’ve got to have this man to Wasilla. We have got to have him here.”

And so through Bob Byron visiting Kiambu, introducing himself, I mean just one thing led to the next with Pastor Bob Byron, uh one thing led to the next. Bishop Muthee ended up here. Just a footnote, you know all those people on the Transformations videos, Valley Pastors Prayer Network made connections with. You know, um, which consists of a prayer meeting of pastors.

And so, uh, Bishop Muthee came and, um, and as we were sitting there we were so excited as about five years ago there, uh, we were just excited what God did. You know, through that we were able to raise several thousand dollars for him to buy a piece of property right next to this building that they were leasing. And so they were able to buy that land. That made a statement. And so God has used Alaska, literally, God has used Alaska to establish the Word of Faith Church that he is currently pastor in by buying property, bringing sound equipment, to books, to materials, to you name it! We were there! Alaska was there.

When Thomas Muthee took to the stage a few minutes later, he was sure to thank the Wasilla Assemblies of God for its material support to his campaign:

You have stood with us over the years. You have helped us, you know, establish the work that we are doing, and above all, you were able to send aid to come and stand with us when we needed help.

Sarah Palin has described Thomas Muthee’s power of intercessory prayer as “awesome,” “bold,” and “powerful.”

I’d like to know:

Did Sarah Palin watch the Transformations video that made the rounds in her church, the video in which Muthee’s witch hunting is detailed?

As a member of the Wasilla Assemblies of God at the time, did Sarah Palin make a donation to provide material support to the witch hunting campaign of Thomas Muthee?

7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Church Provided Material Support to Witch Hunter While Palin Was in Attendance”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to claim that Sarah Palin did not or could not have known about Thomas Muthee’s witch hunting activities. Difficult, but not impossible. It is possible that Sarah Palin was a passive member of her church, just listening to whatever was being said and agreeing to it without thinking about it. That makes her someone with extremely weak critical thinking skills, someone without the curiosity needed to want to find out about the sources of the information she receives. That makes Sarah Palin as bad a choice for Vice President as if she did know about Thomas Muthee’s persecution of women accused of witchcraft.

  2. DARK ENERGY says:

    My message to Wasilla Assembly of God…

    Mama Jane did not deserve what happened to her. If you people at WAoG want to do something good then send someone to Africa to find Mama Jane and make sure she is okay. If Mama Jane is still alive then raise money to help her get back what she lost as a result of Bishop Muthee’s crusade against her. This is the least WAoG can do.

  3. DARK ENERGY says:

    So, I’m listening to this idiot Ed Kalnins introduce Thomas Muthee. The arrogance and certitude of this man is breathtaking… and he is only the opening act. I can only imagine what the main act will be like… the main act which the US mainstream media will continue to ignore.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that more Americans aren’t outraged by the Muthee scandal. Most Americans don’t know even know of the fear and violence which zealots like Mr. Muthee incite in places like Africa.

    The pastors at WAoG have some nerve to whine about how they’re being persecuted by the media while celebrating a person who has made a career of persecuting people.


  4. DARK ENERGY says:

    Holy shit! Governor Palin is in the new video of Bishop Muthee speaking at Wasilla AoG. In the video, Muthee calls Palin to the stage and he prays over her while some idiots can be heard speaking in tongues. Am I really seeing this? LOL!

  5. J. Clifford says:

    Is that one of the 2005 videos? Can you give us the title? We’re going through them one by one…

    I’m also doing background research on the culture of persecution of supposed witches whipped up by Christian preachers in Africa – and it’s really disgusting. More on that later today.

  6. Jim says:

    Bringing the Whole Week Together — right at the beginning.

    I’ve got the video, I’m coverting it to a YouTubable format, and I’ll be transcribing it this morning.

  7. Sam says:

    I support the idea of seeling poor Mama Jane so that WAG can get an opprtunity to cleanse their name by supporting her persucutor. I know where i can get her and am ready and willing to trace her and so that we can hear and know her side of her story. She is very much alive.

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