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Vote Issues Not Lipstick

mother davisMother Davis looks through her cosmetics drawer as she points out,

It’s an insulting and undemocratic idea, the Republican claim that Sarah Palin speaks for women because she is a woman. The underlying claim is that people vote according to their biological identities, and not according to their thoughts and experiences. A person might as well claim that George W. Bush speaks for men, and we know that isn’t so.

anchorage alaska protest against sarah palinStill, a lot of people don’t get it. That’s why I was glad to see this sign being held at a large protest against Sarah Palin in Anchorage, Alaska. Thousands of participants, mostly women, came together to show that Sarah Palin is out of touch with their lives and does not speak to the issues that are important to them.

Vote issues, not lipstick. I think I just might put my own lipstick away for the season

Closing the drawer,
Mother Davis

Postscript: See a video of that protest below.

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