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Republicans Say Palin Failed to Reform Alaska

The McCain-Palin campaign claims that Sarah Palin is a reformer with a record of success, but that’s not what the record shows – and it’s not what Republicans themselves said about Palin’s term as Governor of Alaska, at least not until Palin came under consideration for the position of Vice President.

Sarah Palin’s ethical failures in Alaska were recognized by Republicans themselves. Republicans for Environmental Protection, for example, commented, “The affair that Alaska’s elected officials have with the oil industry has not only bred a culture of dependency and corruption that undermines future economic growth. It is also the source of their reluctance to address the serious climate-change threat affecting many Alaskan communities.” That statement came from David Jenkins, the Government Affairs Director of REP, and it was made after Sarah Palin had been Governor for awhile. Nowhere has Republicans for Environmental Protection exempted Sarah Palin from its criticism of the corruption of Alaska Republicans. Never has the organization called Palin a reformer who stands against the corrupting influence of Big Oil.

The most the Republicans for Environmental Protection has been able to do is to fall strangely silent about Sarah Palin’s record since her selection as John McCain’s running mate. Referring to Alaska’s Republican politicians, which include Sarah Palin, the Republicans for Environmental Protection commented, “It is ironic that a state built on a powerful blend of self-reliance and shared responsibility is represented by politicians driven by an entitlement mentality.”

For anyone who cares to look at the details, it’s plain that Sarah Palin has been in the pocket of Big Oil, just as Alaska’s other Republicans have been. As Governor, Palin has done special favors for oil companies over and over again, even when those favors required putting the health and livelihood of ordinary Alaskans at risk.

Remember the breach of Bristol Bay. Remember the poisoning of Cook Inlet.

As Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has been a tool of the corrupt system, not a reformer of it.

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