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Sarah Palin Had Witch Hunter Pray Against Witchcraft in Alaska!

New video has come to light that reveals Sarah Palin knowingly invoked what she believed to be the supernatural powers of a witch hunter, Thomas Muthee, in order to give spiritual power to her campaign for Governor of Alaska. We’re converting the video to a smaller format right now, so that you can see it for yourself without waiting 10 minutes for the download, (Update 1: The Video is now in a more compressed, easier to download format) but let me offer this preview:

In this video, Sarah Palin stands in front of the entire Wasilla Assembly of God church while Thomas Muthee prays for Palin to become Governor, and prays to remove “every form of witchcraft” that opposes Sarah Palin’s campaign. Witchcraft was opposing Sarah Palin’s political career? Who knew?

sarah palin thomas muthee witchcraft wasilla prayer

As you can see, Sarah Palin stands there, and accepts this protection from witchcraft gratefully… and this is the special witch protection that Palin, just a few weeks ago, spoke approvingly of, again on video, before the Wasilla Assembly of God church.

Remember, the relationship between Sarah Palin and Thomas Muthee is much, much more than just this one anointing anti-witch prayer. Sarah Palin’s church actually gave money to fund Thomas Muthee’s campaign to persecute women accused of witchcraft in Kenya – and what happened to those women? We don’t know everything, but we know one woman targeted by Thomas Muthee was threatened with stoning to death, had gunshots fired in her home, was hauled off into jail, and then chased out of town in fear of her life. In many instances, accused witches in Kenya are actually killed.

And there’s more! Much, much more! We’ll be reporting on this story all day long.

We’ll have a smaller version of the video for you within 30 minutes to 45 minutes, so that you can see the details for yourself without such a huge download.

Second Update: Now see the video on YouTube –

42 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Had Witch Hunter Pray Against Witchcraft in Alaska!”

  1. DARK ENERGY says:

    I think what I find most disturbing about the video is that it begins with Thomas Muthee calling for more believers in government so that they can “change the laws.” Muthee calls for believers to take over government, education, business, and the media. Shortly thereafter, Sarah Palin takes the stage.


  2. Jim says:

    A technical note: in the second half of the video, you can see there is a disjuncture between the audio and the video, with the video lagging behind the audio. This is not a modification by us, but just how the video feed came to us through the RealPlayer format from the Wasilla Assemblies of God website.

    Another note: the Wasilla Assemblies of God claims copyright on its website; we are in compliance with copyright law in taking the video, transcribing the words and commenting on it in line with fair use provisions for political commentary.

  3. Bob S-K says:

    Highly creepy.

  4. DARK ENERGY says:

    You guys should make a really short clip of the bit where Muthee prays for Palin to overcome “every form of witchcraft.”


  5. Jim says:

    Thanks, DE. We’re working on that… our first priority was to make a the video otherwise available should the Wasilla Assemblies of God decide to remove it again. Next is placing a transcript for the record up so that everyone can read Muthee’s words. We’re commenting on it in the meantime, and we hope that others find subject matters to comment on as well. There’s a lot going on in that video of interest, isn’t there?

  6. Laura says:

    I can at least HOPE there will be more widespread interest and attention to this. I STILL have yet to see this stuff released by any major, well-known U.S. news website. I’ve even found a website for a UK newspaper that found these links between Palin & Muthee and questioned it! Why hasn’t more of the major news sources here done the same, like CNN, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, etc.?? Why won’t any reporters bring this up to the McCain campaign publicly? Obama had come under the microscope for his church ties and associates. Why hasn’t Palin?

  7. incognitotd says:

    I too believe this is very serious and very scary, and needs to be more in mainstream media. I too would like the link to Ted Haggard’s church brought up, and Muthee’s urging Christians to violence made public.I think all of use who are concerned need to spread this around and ask our media why they haven’t paid as much attention to this as they did to Obama’s Pastor!

  8. Laura says:

    I totally agree with incognitotd. We need to start sending this stuff to major news medias and ask them why they haven’t released these videos yet to the mainstream public. A lot of people don’t know about these independent websites or even check out YouTube, so they won’t see these. It’s outrageous! UK newspapers pick this up, but I still have yet to see even CNN on it?!



    Yes. There are so many bizarre and disturbing aspects to the sermon that I’m almost overwhelmed.


  10. J. Clifford says:

    Honestly, I’m just baffled that the Press is choosing to remain silent about this. Even when the church is campaigning illegally, abusing its tax exempt status to call for the infiltration of the American government… What the hell will it take for the Press to wake up?

  11. Anonymous says:

    The only thing more disturbing to me than this video is the press ignoring it. I’m definitely not one to buy into conspiracy theories by any means, but now I’m beginning to wonder. Why would they ignore this? ALL of them couldn’t have been bought off or strongarmed. What’s going on?!



    The reason why the US press is silent about Bishop Muthee’s ties to Sarah Palin is because most people in the US see the relationship as nothing more than evidence that Sarah Palin is folksy. People just don’t realize the very sinister nature of what people like Bishop Muthee represent…

  13. unbelievable! says:

    This isn’t 100% on-topic here, but I have to vent somewhere about what kind of right-wing nut jobs are out there!

    I showed this to someone today who is a McCain supporter. Is this was the kind of mentality they wanted presiding over the Senate, one heartbeat away from the White House? Do you want even the remote possibility that someone as scary as this one day might be pushing to bring this sort of thing into public schools?

    Their answer: they would rather vote for a person like her than Obama because he wouldn’t ban 3rd term abortions across the board with no exceptions. Doesn’t matter what the reasoning or logic is, doesn’t matter that he wants to increase birth control education so that abortions overall would reduce, doesn’t matter the nuanced or complicated political process, or even how rare and uncommon it is. Doesn’t even matter that Loony Woman here could affect tens of millions of lives, and 3rd term abortions affect a fraction of a percent — so small I still can’t even find statistic on it!

    I don’t know: maybe it wouldn’t help to release this on major public outlet after all! I think I’m scared overall the religious fanatics that seem like they’re taking over this country. Are we only just a few steps away from the Christian version of the Taliban? How many sane people are left in this country? I think if McPain does end up winning this election, maybe I’ll be looking into moving to Europe. Can’t we elect someone in charge of this country anymore that we can actually be proud of? I’m tired of feeling ashamed of the mentality I find so prevalent.

    Again, sorry this has gotten a bit off-topic.

  14. J. Clifford says:

    No, I think that your comment was right on target.


    Evidence of strange religious indoctrination of youths at Wasilla AoG…

    A photo scrapbook belonging to some youth group associated with the Wasilla AoG…

    The Voice March 19th 2004
    Pastor Nathan spoke on having a militant mind set, and about us being in one army of the Lord. On this night Pastor Nathan said God spoke to him and told him to shave his head as a prophetic act and a reminder to us of the season we are in as a youth ministry.

    Last changed on Jun 07, 2004. This album contains 14 items.

    A militant mindset? An Army of the Lord? Prophetic acts? Head shaving? Is it a cult yet?



  17. incognitotd says:

    Is there any way to get vidio of Palin “getting the spirit” or talking in tungues? That would be real powerfull!

  18. Elle says:

    This story did hit the ABC news site as of today. However it did not make it to the TV news.

    As a practicing witch, this sort of thing scares me. Somewhere in that bible of theirs, it says that you should not suffer a witch to live, and there are people like Muftee who take this injunction as literaly as the catholic and protestent church did back in the “good old days”.

    None of the witches or pagans I know have ever done anything to harm another person, magically or otherwise. They would find the idea repugnant and against everything they stand for.

    Too bad the same can’t be said by christians who spend their time calling me evil and a sinner who will burn in hell just for being who I am.

    Oh well, time to go out and buy fire proof panties or something I guess.

  19. Rachel says:

    I am quite frightened about this woman potentially becoming VP. I too am Wiccan and we are very peaceful people! We harm none! But this woman’s “folksy,” backward way of thinking will hurt people everywhere! Women especially. How can she in 2008 be so small-minded and yet so dangerous? I fear the type of laws that MAY be put into place if she really gains more power. The plight of women, of religion, and just plain old freedom is at risk! I agree with Elle…Gonna go make sure I’m fireproof!

  20. true heart says:

    The witchcraft over in Kenya isn’t the same as over here in the US where it’s peaceful(Wicca). You might want to do some reseach on Mama Jane and what she “preached”. As a side note, Thomas Muthee’s wife was murdered one morning on the way to church. Before you “condem” someone, you need to find out about their culture and experiences. Worldviews in other countries are different from ours.

  21. J. Clifford says:

    Is the Kenyan “worldview” that it’s a good idea to chase people out of town in fear of their lives on accusations that they cast magic spells that cause automobile crashes? That’s what Thomas Muthee did, in the name of fighting “witchcraft”.

    I have done my research on the attacks against so-called witches in Africa, “true heart”. It includes violence against people who couldn’t’ possibly be dark sorcerers – tens of thousands of children. That’s violence by the people who say they’re against witches.

    But, this isn’t just about a Kenyan “worldview”. It’s about the “worldview” of the Wasilla Assembly of God church in Alaska, Sarah Palin’s church, which funds the activities of Thomas Muthee.

  22. incognitotd says:

    True heart, can you give researchable facts about mama jane? I can’t find any. The python snake thing gives me a little pause, but until I have more evidence I will have to say labeling anyone a witch because they wouldn’t join your church and then inciting a mob against them, running them out of town and urging Christians to violence is nowhere close to my understandings of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Also consider that Palin heard these sermons wherein Muthee boasts of his conduct and urges Christians to violence. She condones that behavior buy praising him. and at the end of his “laying of hands’ on her and praying for protecting her from witches in the Alaskan government,her ‘amen’ means she agrees with the prayer.

    Thanks for your help if you can find the info. all I have on her is she claimed to be Christian

  23. true heart says:

    I really don’t have any “facts” about Mama Jane, only that the “spirit” she had was very evil, that she was causing a lot of trouble or as western mind thinking would say, her attitude/mental health was very “twisted”. The python snake is a word picture to describe an evil spirit. Some people do “see” into the spiritual world and describe evil spirits in this way. The word violence used in this context was meaning “not to be apathic”, but move forward with intent. You have to agree that a lot of people just complain and won’t do anything…he was basically telling people to get moving, get involved. Pray. Thomas Muthee believes in prayer and the power it has.

  24. J. Clifford says:

    Whoah, “true heart”! How do you know that Mama Jane was “very evil”? ‘Cause your pastor tells you so? You need to think a little bit more about the difference between a fact and a belief.

    The trouble that Thomas Muthee says Mama Jane was causing was to use magical spells to cause automobile accidents. Do you actually believe in that, and are you willing to elect a President of the United States who thinks it’s okay to send violent mobs to threaten to stone women to death on the basis of nothing more than accusations that the women are using magic spells to cause automobile accidents?

  25. true heart says:

    I was trying to find the article about Mama Jane to find out more and what I found weren’t very factual. There’s a lot of twisting of the truth going on. What I’ve heard and what I’ve seen in first person, doesn’t match with what I’m reading on this site. Thomas Muthee never promoted stoning…just the opposite. Sarah isn’t running for President…and I hope the president that is elected will be blessed with a long life.
    I will search more on Mama Jane’s story…I just hope people don’t keep running off with what they think is the truth when they really don’t know.

  26. Jim says:

    Here’s the article. Are you saying the reporters for the Christian Science Monitor made it all up?

  27. J. Clifford says:

    “true heart” – you didn’t answer my question. You said you know for a fact that you know that Mama Jane was “very evil”. How do you know that?

  28. true heart says:

    The article that Jim listed, which is what I’ve heard, it did not say Mama Jane was chased out/stoned…it said she left. My own personal experience concerning demons, shows me that the occult is operated by evil. When you’ve seen the power of both and discover the mercy of God and how powerful it is…there is no comparision. The darkness will flee. I don’t know if you would say that was a fact…I wasn’t there – I’m basing my opinion on my experience and what I’ve heard from Thomas Muthee and his wife, Margaret.

  29. J. Clifford says:

    No, what the available articles – written by Muthee’s own supporters, and the basis for the Christian Science Monitor article, say is that Thomas Muthee began a campaign against Mama Jane, and his supporters began gathering outside of her place of work, calling for her to be stoned. Thomas Muthee declared that Mama Jane had to convert to Muthee’s kind of Christianity or leave town, the police stormed into Mama Jane’s place, and then Mama Jane left town, abandoning her home and place of work.

    So, you, naturally, put one and one together and get Q.

    Again, you call Mama Jane darkness and evil, and you have no evidence for it – other than you own “personal experience concerning demons”.

    If you really have personal experience with demons, you need psychological help, true heart.

    You’re basing your opinion about what happened from what Thomas Muthee told you. How convenient.

    Sarah Palin certainly is running for President, given that the Vice President is the first person to succeed to the presidency, and given that John McCain is the most elderly presidential candidate in American history.

  30. Laura says:

    I’ve heard many times that Palin isn’t running for President. However, consider that actuarial tables (that I’ve looked up from several sources myself) show that a healthy 72 year old man has between an 18.5% to 22% percent of dying of natural causes in the next four years. That doesn’t even take into account a man in one of the most stressful jobs in the world who has had cancer four times already. At a minimum, he’s got a pretty good chance (no, I don’t know the exact percentage) of a relapse of cancer from which he could become incapcitated due to the illness and/or cancer treatments. With something like that Palin might have to step in at least temporarily. In contrast, a healthy man of Obama’s age has only a 1 – 3% chance of dying of natural causes in the next four years. Don’t even try to tell me Palin’s not running for President, because she most certainly is. Most Americans just don’t realize it or want to acknowledge it.

  31. Karen J says:

    Meanwhile, Obama’s family and their entire village back in Kenya are waking at 3:00 am to put curses on both McCain and Palin… they are Moslem occultists. Obama has deep tight ties with Kenya, his family, and his Arab/Moslem roots. Don’t knock Sarah Palin for wanting protection against witchcraft.

  32. J. Clifford says:

    Oooookay, Karen. I’ll be awaiting the video footage of an entire Kenyan village getting up at 3 o’clock in the morning to cast spells across the Atlantic ocean. Been reading some Loren and Celeste Davis, have we?

  33. true heart says:

    LOL All of this comes down to who do you believe…
    What a crazy world we live in.

    Why is it that we have to feel like we have to tear people down?
    Judgment, judgment, judgment…how we like to take each other down. Not too many countries have the privilage of the freedom we have to elect, debate, etc.

    Who ever wins the election need our blessings and not our curses.

    J. Clifford, Most of the world believes in the supernatural…doesn’t mean they need psychological help.

  34. Michael(ThePeople'sChamp)Locklear says:


    A NEW(Age’s!)DAY DAWNS. “KANBan”. &Gracias^DelD!os…

  35. J. Clifford says:

    No, true heart, it does NOT all come down to who you believe. Thomas Muthee’s own supporters link him with the violent persecution of a woman, so that Muthee could gain political influence, using absurd accusations that the woman was casting magical spells to cause car accidents. Thomas Muthee doesn’t deny this – in fact, he seems proud of it.

  36. Kay says:

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with this prayer (from what I’ve heard of it). Its obvious that most of you have NO idea what he means by “every form of witchcraft”.

  37. justiceforall says:

    The point that is being overlooked here is that Christianity is just another Middle Eastern religion, all of which allow and encourage stealing from others and , when successful, say that they are blessed by God, Allah, or Jehovah.
    This new foray into witch hunting isn’t about God, it’s about black gold.
    The European witch hunts were begun by E. India Tea Co. reps, who tried to import suttee into Europe so they could steal widows’ land, and settled for witch burning as a backup option. In Salem, young girls rebelled against arranged marriages, for pelf, to older men, and were accused and hanged. My many-times-great-great aunt was one of those girls.

    Alaska would be location #1 for a witch hunt because of the number of rural landowners with intact mineral rights near oil fields or pipelines. I can see this issue arising in the Black Hills, oil-rich central AL and oil-shale country in upper E. TN and KY, or any place where ignorance thrives. These are not friends of working-class landowners, and if we get our Muthee now, we’ll be voting, at gunpoint or Bible-point, for white Mugabes in years to come. Vote “None of the Above” on a write-in ballot, as a symbolic protest against the Rev. Wrights and the Rev. Muthees.

  38. Fruktata says:

    Hey Kay – I know what Thomas Muthee meant by every form of witchcraft. Watch!


    That’s my satanic spell to turn your liver into a poodle! Muahahahaha! All of us demons and python spirits are cursing Sarah Palin’s oatmeal! Yeehaw!

    You’re so right. If only we all understood the dark magic of witchcraft more, then Sarah Palin would make sooooo much sense.

  39. Elle says:

    Too many people see only black and white, not understanding that we live in a universe of color.

    Back in the day, I was a christian, Southern Baptist in fact. I prayed every day, tried to live my life in a way I thought Jesus might approve.

    But then I finally had to come to terms with being queer. A person can only repress who they are for so long before it starts tearing them apart inside. Oh I prayed for help and guidance, I prayed to the christian god for strength and understanding.

    All I got back was silence.

    Even better, I got condemnation, guilt and shame piled upon me from his “merciful” followers, who told me that if I wanted to save my soul, I had to go back in the closet and keep denying who and what I was. If I wanted salvation, I had to go back to living in a way that would eventually kill me from the pain and misery of not being true to myself.

    Little did I know that, my prayers to one god would be answered by another. Where the christian god would not deign to offer a touch of comfort to one who was in pain, the Goddess revealed herself to me fully and completely. Even though I was not seeking her, she found me and let me know that things could be better and I could live my life as who I was, rather than as a lie.

    I have never seen, never heard, never felt the touch from the christian god, or Jesus, in all the years that I worshipped him.
    I have seen and felt the Goddess. She is as alive to me as the people around me. A prescence in a way that Christ or the christian god has never been.

    Take this for what it is worth, but this is my testimonial to the power of faith, and to the belief that faith comes to people in many different ways. The christian god is not the only way, there is no one true way. My way is through the Goddess. Yours will be whatever is right for you.

    The truth is out there, and it is a personal journey that we each have to make.

  40. true heart says:

    I’m so sorry Elle….my heart weeps because of what the church did to you…that’s not love.

    Praying violently, means getting on your knees and laying out your heart. Does not mean chasing down someone with hate in mind.

    Christian vocabulary can be misleading.

    Oh justiceforall, I got news about Alaska landowners…we don’t own the mineral rights and we have to apply for water rights. The Native Corporation, the federal gov’t and the state has them. In some rare situation, a landowner might have them.

  41. RMack says:

    The fact of this matter is that there is indeed two spiritual forces at work in this world. Our Scripture tells us that Satan is the god of this world. Witchcraft is presented in several forms, even Rebellion against lawful authority takes on a “spirit” of witchcraft.

    Spell casting and other active demonic impositions are some activity of witchcraft. Hate and wishing evil on somebody can be an element of witchcraft, so this mans prayer is in no way out of line. He knows better of what he speaks than anybody on this board, African Witchcraft operates in the fear factor and has been known to kill and cripple those who let it. Ignorance is not an excuse for not understanding this issue.

  42. Peregrin Wood says:

    RMack, you describe what you call “the fact of this matter”. If it’s a fact, then you ought to be able to summon up some real evidence to prove this fact, and not just the say-so of the Bible. So, where’s the evidence?

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