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Republicans Say McCain-Palin Energy Plan Defies Reality

The McCain-Palin energy plan “defies reality”. That’s not a quote from liberal Democrats. It’s a quote from a Republican organization.

Late this summer, just as John McCain was preparing to finalize his choice of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential nominee, Republican David Lien wrote in an op-ed column for the Colorado Springs Independent that was endorsed and republished by Republicans for Environmental Protection,

“Sixty-five percent of the world’s known oil reserves are in the Persian Gulf; the United States has only 3 percent, but we account for 26 percent of world demand. Drilling in western Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, New Mexico or anywhere else in this country will not do us any good long-term. It’s simple fifth-grade math and common sense.”

It’s simple fifth-grade math and common sense. Expanding oil drilling “will not do us any good long-term”. Yet, that’s the energy policy endorsed by John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Elementary school kids can understand it’s hogwash. Republicans can understand that it’s pandering. I’m hoping that the majority of adults registered to vote in America will heed the message: The McCain-Palin energy policy just doesn’t add up.

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