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John McCain Aims the USA Straight For the Bottom

Confronted with tax loopholes that encourage American corporations to move manufacturing overseas, John McCain just expressed sympathy with the corporations! Poor corporations, he said, who have to follow American laws. Poor corporations, he said, who are asked to give something back to the American nation that made their wealth possible.

John McCain said that the United States of America needs to ask less of the corporations that have abused American workers and bled our economy dry with their programs of outsourcing to cheap sweatshops overseas. John McCain expressed no sympathy for those of us who are left behind by the corporations running away to cheap and dirty economies in countries like China. All of McCain’s sympathy was for the corporations who have abandoned America.

America needs to aim lower, McCain said, and expect less. How is that country first?

5 thoughts on “John McCain Aims the USA Straight For the Bottom”

  1. Tom says:

    Well, at least it’s realistic. We’re headed for really hard times like we’ve never seen them before (unless you are a senior citizen who lived through the 1931 depression). Peopla are talking about us becoming the new India – where Europe sends its innovative thinking (for the coming Green Tech Revolution) for us to manufacture at cheap dollar wages. Our standing in the world has truly diminished, but we’re going to be the last to know because the majority of our citizens are unfortunately too ignorant to comprehend what’s going on. Corporate America has bought out the government, the “government” doesn’t abide by the Constitution any longer, and our economy is melting down before our eyes.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientologist to see where this is going, but most people are too busy trying to make ends meet to educate themselves on the issues and instead will decide our next “leader” on the basis of Jerry Springer-like mud slinging and not on policy and issues.

    Once again, we’re faced with two corporate candidates to choose from while the only real change candidate (Nader) you can’t vote for or it will be to McCain’s advantage.

    So down we go.

  2. Peregrin Wood says:

    Tom, here’s the weakness in these arguments of yours: You tend to use the word “corporate” as if there isn’t any meaningful difference between corporations, and as if there isn’t any diversity in corporate agendas. It’s too simplistic, and it’s absurd for you to say that Nader is the only real change candidate.

  3. Tom says:

    Fine. You want to mince words, see it the way you’d like. i was only trying to point out that the corporations with political agendas like trade, lowering FDA standards, and non-compliance with environmental pollution laws are getting their way and the people have no real power to change it the way it is now. Our complaints and objections fall on deaf ears.

    By the way, religious groups are doing the same thing for their views but without lobbyists (as far as i know).

    Another real culprit for the mess we’re in is the abandonment of politics by our dumbed-down citizenry.

    There are lots of other factors we could cite, but no one’s going to change anything meaningful as long as our legislative branch doesn’t respond to the will of the voters.

    Give me another example of a candidate who is running now for election this year that people by and large know about. Nader is on about 45 state ballots as of today, and working to get into the debates.

  4. hunting_caribou_barbie says:

    one of the problems with Nader is that he is nothing more than a spoiler for democrates, as you pointed out Tom. Not many Reps are likely to opt for him over McCain.

    Another problem with Nader is that he can be very contrary to the best interests of his own party and that of those who do actually want change in the other two main parties.

    His abilities in Foriegn Policy, Military necessaties, Economics, Trade and Diplomacy are very slim (hell he’s as thin there as Palin is).

    He is great on Green Issues and the “Tree Hugger” stuff (no insult just the broadest term I can come up with for his interests) but is not cognizant of how to get from point A to Point C and attain his goals. Ya gotta take these things step at a time. That means compromise and planning.

    Nader just doesn’t do it well.

  5. Tom says:

    i have to disagree with you there “barbie” – he networks very well and is a very intelligent, easily approachable, humble, down to earth type who could set us straight and do what’s right for America.

    Unfortunately, we can’t vote for him in large numbers or Obama (the next “least worse” candidate) would lose and we’d be in for even MORE abuse, corruption, war and STAY THE COURSE crap that’s ruining our country.

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