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McCain-Obama Debate Bingo Cards for September 26 2008

Tonight the First Presidential Debate between John McCain and Barack Obama will be aired on TV at 9 PM on just about all the network news stations, and we are all prepared to …

… to what? Learn something new? You know, the differences between Obama and McCain are pretty clear to those who’ve been paying attention. Chances are the two candidates aren’t going to be releasing any brand spanking new policy proposals on the stage in Mississippi tonight. Then again, four days ago I wouldn’t have guessed that John McCain would have suspended and restarted his campaign within 48 hours’ time. Who knows what we’ll see? Maybe Barack Obama will spit out an epithet. Maybe John McCain will reveal that he’s a Muslim.

While we watch, let’s have fun. Below are three printable Obama-McCain Debate Bingo cards filled with words and phrases with a varying likelihood of being propelled out of a candidate’s mouth tonight. You know the rules: five across, five down or five diagonally in a row and you win. Win what? That’s up to you. I don’t suggest turning it into a drinking game, though, unless you have a high tolerance for alcohol. I expect these phrases to be turning up quite a bit, and you wouldn’t want to be so drunk that you didn’t catch every last catchphrase or soundbite or veiled insult, would you? Hmm. Okay, go ahead and turn it into a drinking game if you like.

Obama-McCain Debate Bingo Card #1 for September 26 2008

Obama-McCain Debate Bingo Card #2 for September 26 2008

Obama-McCain Debate Bingo Card #3 for September 26 2008

And here’s a blank playing card for you to write in your own favorite debate catchphrases…

Obama-McCain Debate Bingo Blank Card for September 26 2008

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