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21 thoughts on “Obama-McCain 9/26: Your Debate Reactions?”

  1. Mark says:

    McCain seemed to talk in generalities a lot, while Obama spoke more in specifics. I like to hear specific details and ideas that a candidate has. However, I’m not sure that the average American voter can understand the nuances of these specifics. Too many people just want a ‘feel good’ reaction to a candidate.

  2. J. Clifford says:

    McCain said a lot of crazy things about the economy, but because he tends to be so bland, a lot of people might not have noticed. Barack Obama proved certainly his capability, and beat John McCain on McCain’s supposed home ground.

  3. Jim says:

    A nationally representative poll of uncommitted voters by CBS right after the debate:

    Forty percent of uncommitted voters who watched the debate tonight thought Barack Obama was the winner.

    Twenty-two percent thought John McCain won.

    Thirty-eight percent saw it as a draw.

  4. Mar says:

    Body language tells the untold but thought story.
    McCain did not aknowledge Obama during the whole debate. Neither visually nor with any positive comments when agreeing about a subject.
    Obama on the other hand, always looked at his opponent when adressing him, aknowledge and complimented the subjects where they agreed.
    You can read these as signs of Weakness, biggetry, superiority, or plain and simple lack of education from McCain.

  5. AreYouOffended says:

    It was really uncomfortable watching Jim Lehrer trying to get these two men to talk to one another. There were a few moments were I actually cringed. It’s a debate, ask some specific questions, get responses, and move on.

  6. J. Clifford says:

    I don’t see that problem, AYO. What Lehrer did was essential in bringing a debate that had real substance and tested both candidates, going beyond the level of sterile, pre-prepared responses.

  7. Tom says:

    Many people i talked to thought McCain, with his sighing and shaking his head at Obama’s points and calling him naive, actually “won” the debate by coming off as a kindly father figure (more like grandfather) scolding his “idealistic” son.

  8. Jim says:

    Updated stats from that same CBS nationally representative poll (more respondents):

    Thirty-nine percent of uncommitted voters who watched the debate tonight thought Barack Obama was the winner. Twenty-four percent thought John McCain won. Thirty-seven percent saw it as a draw.

  9. Jim says:

    Some other random sampling (not yer mom’s online poll) poll results:

    Insider Advantage reports those polled Obama won 42% to McCain’s 41% with Undecided 17%

    CNN reports voter opinions that Obama “did better” 51%, McCain “did better” 38%. The CNN poll showed men were evenly split, but women gave Obama higher marks 59% to 41% for McCain.

  10. hunting_caribou_barbie says:

    Having been politically involved for 30 of my 52 years I have to admit that since moving to Louisiana last year I have not spent as much time as I should have on the issues. I think it is eating deep fried vegetables that are turning me sluggish 🙂

    However I gotta chime in here.

    I watched the “debate” for as long as I could, but after 75 minutes I was about to slap someone so to keep my blood pressure down I turned it off.

    I did however read through the transcripts of the debates today to see if what I witnessed was correct. I believe that doing this allows me to pay more attention to their actual answers than when I have to watch it on the tube.

    What I found was interesting and pretty much what I thought when I was suffering through the televised version.

    According to the transcripts Lehrer asked 8 “lead” questions and about 15 follow up or clarifying questions.

    Lead question is Lehrer’s term for new subject.

    of the 8 “lead” questions McCain directly answered 3 and Obama answered 6.

    by directly answering I mean they addressed the subject of the question and provided a substantive answer.

    for example when directly asked if we should send more troops to Afghanistan and when. Obama answered “with in a year”, McCain never directly answered the question but did eventually say that since Gen. Petreaus is now in charge he will eventually get there and take of it like he is doing in Iraq.

    both candidates, on this question, meander around verbally on different side topics but at least Obama directly responded to the question.

    On other questions McCain completely ignored the question, and started rants about Obama saying “he doesn’t know what he is talking about” (for example the diffence between a strategy and a tactic).

    McCain also spent an inordinate amount of time trying to avoid Obama’s direct charge that 300 billion in corporate tax cuts is a bigger issue than 18 billion in earmarks.

    Those two behaviors are what made me turn off the debate.

    specically because one of the Republican long term tactics is to hone in a specific word, phrase, action or stance and act like that is the only thing that is relevant. They have very succesfully used that tactic in the past.

    The last two elections revolved around exagerations concerninc gay rights and homeland security(terrorism, WMD’s, and Iraq were all synonyms for homeland security).

    Now history shows us that the Republicans were wrong about Iraq, WMD’s and the location of world terrorist nests and frankly their mad rush to cover bigger issues by declaring gays are destroying the institution of marriage is just another cover up.

    do we really need 8 more years of this crap?

    its even funnier to watch the “talking heads” today try and claim victory for their side.

    Among the republicans it appears to be difficult to find even one that will acknowledge that the McCain attack ad exploiting Obama’s willingness to agree with McCain on some issues is a completely twisted and inappropriate diversion from the facts.

    Unfortunately there are thousands of people who will find this as just reason not to vote for Obama. Somehow it is weak to admit your opponent and you might actually agree on some issues. DUHHHHHHHH

  11. TCC says:


  12. claudia from nyc/nj says:

    McCain could not look Obama in the Eyes not even once, and all McCain did was brag about his “war experience” Give me and all of the American People a break! Obama was cool , calm and confidentand he could and did actually look McCain in the eye and talk with common sense and great confidence with a lot to back himself up! McCain on the other hand, was incredibly arrogant, rude , and self serving, I noticed that he was even smirking and short tempered with Jim Lehrer, thats quite odd, McCain ought to be polite to the host, after all McCain is not running agaisnt Jim Lehrer. McCain was a total flop, and he is a war monger president. Who in America can afford McCain’s endless wars? We are ALMOST broke, and quite heavily financially burdened as it is, all of us Americans.

  13. brenda miller says:

    Why do irag have 79.5 billion dollars from the United States to get their country back together and still expect the united states to spend 10 billion dollars a month to keep helping them. I agree with Obama it is time for Iraq to take control of their own country and the united states concentrate on their own troubles. Do you hear Mccain say he will veto every bill come accross his desk except: Veterans, war, and other important bills. This is another 4 years of the same 8 years from MCCains administration.I am not voting for him.

  14. Sam says:

    No, McCain didn’t “win”…neither did Obama…but Obama today is still bleeding from the thousand little cuts he recieved from McCain. The Dinosaur took several small bites from the juvinile and is waiting from it to drop before he feasts….

    As Obama is out on the campaign trail being pompus…McCain is showing leadership, being back in Washington doing his job that he was elected to do. Country First. Obama is showing it’s Obama first. And independents are seeing that as each day ticks by with this Wall Street Issue….it does resonate….so no McCain didn’t “win” Friday night….he wins Monday Morning….

  15. Mar says:

    Noticed the “smart” comment by McCain, something about …this is not the time for on the JOB TRAINNING???
    Wake Up AMERICA!! We are going through uncertain times, where you have to take ANY unexpected situation and deal with it. There is no training in the world that can help you with that. The only way would be to learn from previous mistakes and its consecuences as the ones we are facing TODAY!!!
    I’m a regular 50 yr old single Mom with 2 teenage sons. I have basic 2 yr college education, I’m fully bilingual, got laid off my job with other 9 coworkers due to “down/sizing”. I have more that 20 yrs Customer service Experience. Its been over a month and I have applyed
    for almost any job available without luck. Sometimes too old, sometimes overqualified meaning they want to pay $10 hr. Now! How am I going to pay my rent, car, food, gas etc. One of McCains wife dresse will certainly cover my monthly expenses. Do you really think Mccain Knows what are we going through??? Or is this another BUSH who never endured the problems WE THE PEOPLE are facing?????
    At least OBAMA comes from a regular struggling family like most Americans, and hopefully will help us. Forget about wars and other countries problems…. help us!! Help your own country, set your priorities STRAIGHT!!!

  16. Cholly says:

    I wish someone would explain to me what Mccain means when he says “Country first”–ha..puts his country first and choses Palin as his running mate???What a country it would be if Palin became president of the United states by default-God save us!

  17. Sam says:

    I’d rather have Palin than Obama anyday….at least I know that Palin won’t sell us out to our enemies….but…Palin isn’t running for President…McCain is. And don’t give me that age shit…Eisnehower and Reagan did just fine Governing in their 70s….

  18. Terry says:

    John McCain ‘s refusale to acknowledge Obama showed Obama’s near demand for notority. He needs to be seen, to be idolized and was bothered because McCain did not give him that.. It also upset the applecart of Obana’s advissors who thought they could undermine McCain with Oboma’s demenor. Mccain is only “OLD” to the young Niave type.
    Obama’s camp is trying to destroy Sarah Palin – beter not touch God’s annointed.

  19. Terry says:

    McCain is only “old” to the young who think they are “IT>” Obama’s camp is trying to destry Sarah McCain – better not touch God’s annointed.

  20. puck30 says:

    Source: CBS/Knowledge Networks post debate poll of undecided voters.

    46% Have a better opinion of Obama

    32% Have a better opinion of McCain

    66% Felt Obama was better on economy

    56% thought McCain was better on Iraq

    78% believe McCain is better prepaired to be President

  21. Laura says:

    McCain’s refusal to acknowledge Obama? What kind of tv screen were you watching on? All McCain DID was acknowledge him, and he did it with smirks, silly faces, and grimaces. Obama was obviously the one who upset McCain’s applecart. McCain acted like an immature child with no respect for anyone or any other opinion but is own. Obama was unflappable, calm, and collected. He was the one who acted like a mature, confident leader should.

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