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Will John McCain Shut Down the Government?

Is John McCain not thinking before he speaks, or does he just think that America isn’t paying attention?

John McCain just said, “I’m going to veto every single spending bill that comes across my desk.”

Does McCain mean that there will be no federal budget if he becomes President of the United States? Will there be no more post offices, no more National Weather Service, no more Coast Guard, no more Medicare?

If John McCain really thinks that it’s a good idea to “veto every single spending bill that comes across” his desk, then he’s saying that it’s a good idea to shut down the United States of America.

2 thoughts on “Will John McCain Shut Down the Government?”

  1. Sam says:

    Good God…(yes God reference here…) you…are …an …idiot….

  2. Rosann Fillmore says:

    He said it again in the debate. He would shut down government for a year. He will not fund anything but defense and veterans costs. No more social security, medicare, medicaid, transportation, wildfire fighting, park service, post office. No more grants to states, no more federal employees. Talk about jobless rates going up! This guy really doesn’t know much about economics. The 2009 budget bill just passed was $699 billion. Of that, almost $500 billion was defense spending. Obviously, even shutting down domestic government won’t pay back the bailout.
    the extent of this man’s hubris and ignorance is staggering. God help us.

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