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Fundamentalist Christians Infiltrate US Army To Build Power Base

Fundamentalist Christians are fond of the slogan support the troops. Beyond sloganeering, however, the way these fundamentalists actually regard American soldiers could be summed up with another slogan: Convert the troops.

In a dangerous attack on the integrity of the American military, fundamentalist Christian groups have infiltrated the American military and taken over U.S. Army bases, converting those bases into centers for the forced conversion of soldiers to Christianity.

At Fort Riley, Kansas, U.S. Army Specialist Dustin Chalker charges that he has been forced by his superiors to attend Army Christian prayer sessions, even though he is himself not a Christian. Private First Class Jeremy Hall, at the same military base, charges that he has been targeted for harassment because he refuses to join in official Army Christian worship, and has been blocked for promotion for the same reason.

Chalker’s complaint reads, “The requirement for plaintiff Dustin Chalker to attend military functions and formations where sectarian Christian prayers are delivered is evidence of a pattern and practice of constitutionally impermissible promotions of religious beliefs within the Department of Defense and the United States Army.”

Pro-war Christian fundamentalists like to say that the military is defending our freedoms, but the truth seems to be that Christian fundamentalists have usurped power within the military to attack Americans’ freedoms.

Find out more at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

4 thoughts on “Fundamentalist Christians Infiltrate US Army To Build Power Base”

  1. Sam says:

    Well…you forgot the Chaplin Corps. The God Squad working right up there on the front lines making sure their power base is not disrupted. Yea….sure….

  2. DanW says:

    …But when they get to the foxholes, they all become atheists…

  3. Sam says:

    DanW…you are absolutely right….you never meet a soldier with faith in a foxhole….

  4. cd61q says:

    Take a look at the new operation run by retired air force generals in Sierra Vista next to the army interrogation school…the army is out-sourcing interrogators to a contracted school run by 3 retired generals–Minihan, Kesinger and Lyles. Kesinger was the one who covered up the Pat Tilman killing and Minihan is a known fundie-pusher of prayer in the military. What are they doing getting over 175 million to train “interrogators”?

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