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Help Sarah Palin See Russia Again

Sarah Palin says that she has special foreign policy expertise because she lives in Alaska, which is next to Russia, except for all that water between the two countries, what with that maritime thing and all.

help sarah palin see russia again campaign tshirtOther people say that Sarah Palin isn’t ready to become President in the likely eventuality that John McCain dies in the next four years.

Help build common ground with this campaign tshirt, which suggests that Sarah Palin go back to doing what she does best – standing in Alaska, watching the skies just in case Putin rears his head into our airspace.

Help Sarah Palin see Russia again. Send her back to Alaska, where she can conduct her foreign policy studies without bothering the rest of us.

Also available as a bumper sticker and a political button.

6 thoughts on “Help Sarah Palin See Russia Again”

  1. Laura says:

    Love it! That is hilarious, LOL!

  2. paul says:

    Well, I’d be glad to be helpful 😉

  3. krmyers says:

    No! As a resident of Alaska, please don’t send Sarah back here. Send her to Russia instead so she can see Alaska and gain an understanding of this state and it’s people before she’s allowed to be Governor again.

  4. Fruktata says:

    How about we send Sarah Palin to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which borders on many different nations? Just think of how educated Palin will become, just floating around out there.

  5. Lisa L. says:

    Oh please no, don’t send her back here to Alaska. We can’t stand her! Send her to Pakistan – President Zudari seems to want her! Maybe we can sell her to him. Five dollars? Done!

  6. Damen says:

    Five dollars? She’ll love him long time.

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