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McCain-Palin Columbus Event: Few Grab at Tickets for Small Venue

long line February 25, 2008 to get tickets to see Barack Obama in Columbus, Ohio

This is a picture I took at 8 AM on the cold Columbus, Ohio morning of February 25, 2008, just moments after doors opened for people to pick up free “preferred viewing” tickets to an appearance by Barack Obama that Wednesday. “Preferred viewing” tickets meant that you got in to the section up front that was right next to Barack Obama himself in the St. John Basketball Arena of Ohio State University, an arena that holds 13,276 in the seats and has more room on the court. Keep in mind that anybody could come the day of the event without a ticket; these were just tickets for the floor. When Obama came to that arena two days later, he filled it.

Nonexistent line on September 28 to pick up tickets for September 29, 2008 rally featuring John McCain and Sarah Palin in Columbus, Ohio on September 29, 2008This is a picture I took at 12 Noon on the balmy Columbus, Ohio afternoon of September 28, 2008, just moments after doors opened for people to pick up required tickets to enter a rally featuring both John McCain and Sarah Palin on Monday, September 29. The Republicans require tickets for entrance to this rally, and you have to go through the GOP to get one. But as you can see, there was no line at opening.

The Republican Party seems to have chosen its venue, the Capital Center, prudently. With a capacity of just 2,100, I’m sure they won’t have too much trouble filling the Center with an approving crowd from the capital city of this swing state. I mean, heck, our population ranks just below that of San Francisco, so surely they can eventually find 2100 people to fill the center up and make McCain and Palin look popular. But it is a sign of poor confidence in their candidates by the Ohio GOP that they’ve gone with this venue, a third-tier one even for the city of Columbus.

I got my golden ticket, by the way. I’ll be there tomorrow and will report on what I see.

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