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Alaskan Airspace – With Sarah Palin As My Muse

The inspiration came, of course, from Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric in which Palin declared, “It’s very important, when, when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and, and, uh, comes into the airspace of the United States America, where, where do they go? It’s Alaska! It’s just right over the border.”

The minute the idea of Alaskan airspace entered my head, a certain unintended implication sprang to mind:

post it note sketch of sarah palin the alaskan air space

After the initial inspiration, the final design. It doesn’t take a super genius to figure out what it means, so be careful not to wear it around Sarah Palin, she just might get offended… after thinking about it for a while.

sarah palin alaskan airspace tshirt

Alaskan airspace indeed.

2 thoughts on “Alaskan Airspace – With Sarah Palin As My Muse”

  1. Davey says:

    Alaskan Airhead.

  2. Al says:

    yes, Davey … we get it (sheesh)

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