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Most Goofy Fish Name Contest

It’s Monday. The Palin-McCain campaign is as scary as ever. Crisis cavorts at our doorstep. It’s important to be serious.

Yet, this is also the moment when you first realize that you could call you the person in the cubicle next to yours a dirty thicklip thornycat. Try it. Do you get a nasty stare in response, or a sly smile?

Actually, dirty thicklip thornycat is the common name of Rhinodoras armbrusteri, a small catfish that lives in a couple of rivers in Guyana. The species was first described just six months ago.

The fish, which only get to be 10 centimeters long, are described as “harmless” to human beings. As for the dangers to the fish itself, those factors have yet to be evaluated. It isn’t known if the dirty thicklip thornycat is endangered as a species or not.

This photograph of the dirty thicklip thornycat comes from the magazine Practical Fishkeeping:

the dirty thicklipped thornycat

All this I found out within 5 minutes of searching the FishBase. It’s a system with over thirty thousand species so far. Check it out. Search for a fish. Have fun.

See if you can find a fish name that’s more goofy than dirty thicklip thornycat.

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