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18 thoughts on “Sarah Palin – Cindy McCain Caption Challenge”

  1. Fruktata says:

    Cindy McCain: “All I have to do is push that valve release button on the back of her head, and all the air will come right out.”

  2. Junga says:

    Cindy McCain: “She may be number two on the Republican ticket, but my hair reflects the light of the sun straight back into outer space, thus fighting global warming.”

  3. Fruktata says:

    Cindy McCain: “If you say ‘lipstick’ one more time, I’m going to squeeze this button in my hand, and then the microphone will squirt water right on those cute little glasses of yours.”

  4. Mark says:

    Yeess! No more ‘dumb blond’ jokes.

  5. paul says:

    Sarah: “Look! You can see Russia from here!”

  6. darebrit says:

    You may think that you will get the power. But I will get the money..

    Dream on beauty queen it aint over til the BLOND lady sings!

  7. goofyliberal says:

    Cindy: (lustily) Just a heartbeat away & then she’s all mine…who knew Alaskan chicks were so HOT! Now that’s a “CHANGE I can believe in.” Why should Ellen (DeGeneres) get all the hot chicks?

  8. aksk8er says:

    cindy:…it’s a good thing us Gop gals take care of ourselves….those dems are ugly as a mud fence!

  9. jeff says:

    cindy: don’t look down at her ass, don’t look down at her ass, don’t look down……..doah!

  10. morninglaurie says:

    Sarah: …and my running mate John McCain and I will fight the big…

    Cindy: Oh get over yourself, bitch, John says you’re a c*** just like me.

  11. nikki says:

    Oh! my.. I have to stand & smile behind this woman…just grin & bear it, soon it will be over.

  12. Fruktata says:

    Cindy McCain: “Should I tell Sarah that she isn’t wearing an American flag lapel pin?”

  13. Kristine says:

    Cindy: Its kind of nice to look like the smart one for once

  14. Kristine says:

    Sarah: Excuse me a minute folks…..ummm sir…could you please move the uhhh teleprompter a bit closer? I cant read it from here and I dont want to have to answer these pesky…I mean interesting questions on my own….(aside comment to Cindy…”Etgay emay outway ofway erehay”)

  15. Kate says:

    Wait is that a halogram of Putin over her head, well,I’ll be damned!

  16. givesahoot says:

    Sarah: And John McCain – isn’t he swell !!!

    Cindy: my goodness – I am so glad I was able to swipe enough painkillers to get me through this whole Sarah-John love-fest – Oh puhhleeeze! Sarah you can have him – he’s such a cranky old man!!

  17. mottdeterre says:

    Cindy: Who is this white trash and why is she ruining my coronation?

  18. Pam says:

    Maybe Cheney will take her hunting.

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