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Sarah Palin To Courageously Be Interviewed By Right-Wing Radio Talk Show Hosts

Yes, Sarah Palin is going to burst out of that protective media bubble that the McCain campaign has put up around her:

Tacitly acknowledging criticism that she’s been diminished in part by an overly protective media shield, Sarah Palin will take a more forward-leaning approach and do additional interviews in the weeks ahead, a top aide said today.

“She’s seen the reviews and heard the criticism, but she’s a fighter,” said this aide. “And now she’s in a fighting mood.”

And who will she be taking the fight to?

Palin heads to McCain’s cabin in Arizona today to prepare for her Thursday debate, and while she’s there she’ll do a round of conservative talk radio interviews.

You read that right. She’s going to really put herself out there… by agreeing to an interview with Rush Limbaugh.

Is it to laugh, or is it to softly weep?

4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin To Courageously Be Interviewed By Right-Wing Radio Talk Show Hosts”

  1. Lacy Lady says:

    Anyone who listens to these creep shows, are already in the mud pile. What a JOKE!!

  2. Sub_Arc says:

    Peace and blessings unto all.
    She is proving to be just what they are intended to be- a distraction. Just like all the puppet candidates we’ve had before, she is as unfit to be VP as she is to be governor of AK. But so are McBama, Bush, either of the Clintons and so forth and so on. They are merely bad actors performing the worst play on (ironically) the grandest stage. Don’t be fooled by any of their talking head nonsense. There are no partisan politician saviors – anywhere. And there never have been.
    Here’s what to do – realize that we are powerless to the process. Stop participating in any and all governmental activities short of violating any laws. Stop voting. Stop spending beyond your means. Spend time with your family and loved ones. And pray for mercy.
    Go further, think deeper & seek the truth at all costs. Learn more at

  3. Laura says:

    Sounds to me more like the lazy way out. I’d certainly agree with the opinion to stop spending beyond your means, and of course there are no political saviors. No politician ever (including Obama) is going to be nominated for sainthood.

    But stop voting, stop participating in government, powerless to the process? If I wanted to do that I’d go willfully live under a totalitarian regime. You might say God is the one who allowed me to be born in a country under a government that allows such things. Ever hear from Churchill, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.” Not today.

  4. Mark says:

    One would think that if Palin were really seeking to gain votes in the election she would appear in forums where the listeners have not already decided that they will vote for McCain. It seems like a complete waste of time for her to appear on Rush Limbaugh. Unless, of course, a liberal talk show host would expose her as a complete incompetent. Katie Couric has been far too kind.

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