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Taking McCain’s Hand: “Please Reconsider the FISA Amendments Act”

After John McCain’s speech today in Columbus, Ohio, he came around the stage to shake hands with well-wishers. As he took my hand, I said the first thing that came to mind: “Please reconsider the FISA Amendments Act.” He was already looking for the next person to make eye contact with and smile at, but I didn’t let go. I repeated: “Please reconsider the FISA Amendments Act.” He turned to look at me. I said it two more times, looking at him straight in the face: “Reconsider the FISA Amendments Act. Reconsider the FISA Amendments Act.” “I got it, OK, I got it, I got it,” McCain said to me. I let go of his hand and he moved down the line.

I wasn’t as eloquent as I could have been, not as detailed as I’d have made it if I could have scripted it, but at least I blurted it out. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to lobbying a presidential candidate. And at least McCain knows there’s one person out there who gives a crap about this new law that legalizes the practice of extended surveillance and search without a warrant. If John McCain extends his hand to you, let him know there are two.

One thought on “Taking McCain’s Hand: “Please Reconsider the FISA Amendments Act””

  1. BillyBuerger says:

    Way to go.

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