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Wall Street Pouts At Not Getting Special Breaks. So What?

Stocks are only down about 500 points after the House of Representatives rejected a huge government bailout of Wall Street investment firms. It isn’t a crash. It’s more like a pout.

So the big bankers didn’t get their way. So what? Has anyone got a so what for me to worry about?

I do have to give a special congratulations to John McCain, who sorta-suspended his campaign in order to save the day in Washington, D.C. and get Congress to agree to pass a bailout deal for Wall Street. That worked so well, Mr. McCain, could we have some more of that leadership?

Maybe next time McCain could suspend his campaign and hold his breath until a bailout deal gets passed.

7 thoughts on “Wall Street Pouts At Not Getting Special Breaks. So What?”

  1. Laura says:

    I just read too where McCain blasted Obama saying he “failed to lead” with getting a bailout package passed. Well, why in the world didn’t big, strong John come in and save the day? You know, everyone in America really was waiting to see what he would do so that they could follow his lead. 😉

  2. MC says:

    I don’t support rescuing these guys. The only thing I worry about is that we’re making noise against rescuing ourselves– that is to say, anyone with a 401k, anyone with student loans or a mortgage, anyone who’s even partially dependent on public services (like schools, or school lunch programs). Because, let’s face it, if the banking big boys loose their shirts, they’re not going to stand there and say “Oh, shoot, lost my shirt” and then go get a job hustling frenchfries like the rest of us. Uh-uh. They’re going to find a way to take YOUR SHIRT instead.

  3. Ralph says:

    They’ve been doing everything they could to take the shirts off our backs all along. I say it’s high time we and our supposed representatives stop cowering in fear of these guys and start either figuring out how to create a capitalist economy where companies can fail without taking the whole system down–or just admit we’re a socialist nation and try to build something workable from there.

  4. Sid Baker says:

    Hey Irregular Times… by the way, you have the Republican Study Group and other conservatives in the House (whom you regularly lambast and give 0% “approval” ratings to) to thank for the defeat of this “Bailout” bill.
    Must be really tough to take that your great “Progressive” friends in the political realm want to give your money (and the shirt off your back) to the “fat cats” of Wall St. Really… get a life, take off your rose colored humanistic glasses and stand up for something that really matters in America: sound financial, religious and societal moorings. You could never have been part of the “Greatest Generation” that fought their way out of the Great Depression. Maybe you’ll have your chance though!

  5. Peregrin Wood says:

    Actually, Sid, the Republicans could not have defeated the bailout on their own. It was progressive Democrats who really defeated the legislation – without grandstanding.

    Stocks up over 200 points! Augh! Help! Crisis!

  6. Laura says:

    Do those “sound religious moorings” include ones that you or the government would choose for everyone? I’d say “thanks, but no thanks” to state-sanctioned religion.

  7. Peregrin Wood says:

    Sid is right about one thing: I never could have been part of the generation that fought its way out of the Great Depression – because I was born a few decades later. And that proves what?

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