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McCain Brags About Passing Bill That Didn't Pass

How desirable was the bailout bill that was voted down in Congress yesterday? Set that question aside for the moment and recall John McCain’s stunt last week of “suspending” his campaign and declaring he just didn’t have time to debate his opponent, because he had to dash to Washington to save the nation, heal our wounds, end the partisan rancor, get the job done and pass a bailout bill! ‘Course, he didn’t exactly rush off to Capitol Hill. He met Lady de Rothschild first, and filmed an interview, and got a good night’s sleep in a posh New York hotel first. Then he dashed off to not say much during a photo op meeting with the President, and… not actually get the bill passed.

John McCain gesticulating at the Capital Center at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio on September 29, 2008No matter. As I stood before John McCain yesterday in a Columbus, Ohio volleyball court not quite filled with admirers, he let us know that he was the guy to thank for exercising leadership qualities to get a bailout bill passed:

I put my campaign on hold for a couple of days last week to fight for a rescue plan that put you and your economic security first. I fought for a plan that protected taxpayers, homeowners, consumers and small business owners. I went to Washington last week to make sure that the taxpayers of Ohio and across this great country were not left footing the bill for mistakes made on Wall Street and in Washington.

Actually, the bailout legislation is all about making sure that taxpayers are left footing the bill for Wall Street and Washington mistakes during these Bush years. But, again, set the substance aside for a moment. John McCain told us yesterday that he’s the guy who can get stuff done. John McCain told us yesterday that he put in the work to make sure that bill would pass. It didn’t pass.

Maybe the problem is that he wasn’t voted Miss Congeniality.

One thought on “McCain Brags About Passing Bill That Didn't Pass”

  1. Alaskabushman says:

    Keep up the reporting. McCain does best what is in McCain’s interest. Sarah Palin is a perfect example. If it was truly “Country First” would he bring this ditzy bimbo out of her closet?

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