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Bailout Metaphor SemiOpen Thread

I’ve noticed that the effort to pass a superbig bailout for Wall Street in Congress has provoked people writing about this financial redistribution of wealth to use a lot of metaphors.

For example: “This bailout is like a bus headed for a cliff, out of which the driver has jumped, in order to save himself”.

What metaphor would you use to describe the bailout, if asked?

3 comments to Bailout Metaphor SemiOpen Thread

  • Darebrit

    It is like falling into the water and having GWB throw in a shark or an Alligator or both,to rescue you.

  • Pinkerton

    It’s like letting your three-year-old son drive your car. He roars around at random banging into things, racking up thousands of dollars of damage, until the gas tank runs dry.

    Then he tells you, with a straight face, that you need to pay to refill the gas tank–because if you don’t the car won’t work any more.

  • Spencer Flagg

    It’s like putting out forest fires, year after year. Every year the old dead wood gets drier and more plentiful on the forest floor; the environment gets more volatile; the potential for a fire increases.

    Every year the necessity for a fire increases as well: the carpet of leaves, needles, and dead wood stifles the new growth of trees. Every year the fires get harder to control: they start more abruptly, they are larger, wilder.

    Every year it seems like a better and better idea, and every year, it makes things much much worse.

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