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Don't Speak With Your Mind, Palin Supporter Says

The problem with Sarah Palin isn’t just Sarah Palin herself. It’s Sarah Palin’s supporters too.

Consider this recent piece of advice on how to win Thursday’s debate, given to Sarah Palin by Bay Buchanan, right wing commentator:

“You don’t speak with your mind if you want to reach the American people.”
– 11:45 PM ET, September 30, 2008, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN

Factually, Bay Buchanan may be correct. Certainly, the Republicans have been campaigning as if she is correct. In fact, Republican politicians and pundits seem to enjoy attacking people who speak with their minds. They seem to regard thinking as something unforgivably elitist.

Here at Irregular Times, we’ve been writing in the hopes that reasoned arguments matter enough, and that enough Americans care enough to pay careful attention and think about what their told, to make a difference. I hope that we’re right. This year’s presidential election will be an good measure of whether we are.

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