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First Dude First Stalker

As much as the McCain campaign has protected Sarah Palin from scrutiny, Todd Palin has been even more insulated. Search the Google News database for “Todd Palin interview” or “interview Todd Palin”, and you’ll find exactly zero interviews of Todd Palin.

Does Todd Palin speak? We can’t be sure, but one thing’s for certain: Todd Palin does take pictures.

Apparently, Todd Palin has spent some time personally following trooper Mike Wooten around taking photographs of him, hoping to catch him in some kind of activity that would deprive him of custody of his children, or his workers’ compensation benefits, which Todd and Sarah Palin personally called to request be revoked.

Sarah Palin calls her husband first dude, perhaps first stalker would be more accurate.

This news comes to us from Mud Flats, a persistent Alaska political blog. To follow the Alaskan perspective on Sarah Palin’s political career, it’s an excellent source.

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