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Optical Illusion Trick With Circling Dots

In honor of Thomas Muthee and the Wasilla Assembly of God, I’ll call this the python spirit optical illusion.

The way you perceive this python spirit circle depends upon how you look at it.

1. Look at the circle vaguely, perhaps looking at it out of the corner of your eye and you’ll see a green dot rotating around the circle, probably clockwise (can you make it go counterclockwise?)
2. Try to follow the green dot with your eye as it goes around the circle, and the green dot disappears, and is replaced by a gap.
3. Stare at the + in the middle of the circle, and some of the pink dots will start to disappear when the green dot comes to where they are.

rotating pink dots

How does it work? Well, that depends upon who you are.

If you’re a member of Sarah Palin’s Assembly of God church, then it’s a magical spell cast by evil witches who are out to steal you soul, you naughty sinner, you.

Otherwise, it’s a psychological trick created by the way that our brain forms our perceptions of the world around us by processing raw sensory stimulus into a higher form of cognition.

8 thoughts on “Optical Illusion Trick With Circling Dots”

  1. DARK ENERGY says:

    Speaking of radical cleric Thomas Muthee, I just found out about one of his lesser known super powers- Muthee’s ability to cure people of AIDS. According to a webpage which is no longer online but which is cached at Internet Archive, Muthee claims to have cured 23 people of AIDS…

    The claim that Thomas Muthee has cured 23 people of AIDS evoked laughter in me when I first read about it but that laughter ended as I came to the grim realization that the false hope he gave may have led to exponentially more infections. Sad, disturbing, and infuriating.


  2. Jeffaliberalchristian says:

    In reguards to comments by Dark Energy,

    Hope for hopes sake is a form of support. I beleive in healing and have seen amazing things. Wouldn’t it be great if their faith healed them? Don’t you think even if it didn’t it made them feel better to have faith rather than hate or fear? Maybe you should reserve your ire for wrongs done to you and let others live for themselves. I hope you are well and find more to love than hate in your life. All good leads to YOUR God, be it Crist or any of the Light.
    Thank you for your time,

  3. Pinkerton says:

    Don’t I think it would be better if people infected with HIV believed a faith healer who told them they were cured?


    Hell no.

    Why the hell do you think it’s better for HIV positive people to think they aren’t? To abandon treatment? To infect other people?

    This guy Muthee may think he’s against witchcraft and darkeness and all that. But is there sorcery more destructive and ignorant than a faith healer who misleads people about their HIV status?

  4. DARK ENERGY says:


    Your comments are stunning. Do you really not understand the implications of someone with an infectious and deadly disease being given the false impression that he or she has been cured of it?


  5. DARK ENERGY says:

    This just in…

    The webpage for Thomas Muthee’s Word of Faith Bible College no longer lists “Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance” as courses offered…

    How interesting. The new page for the WOFCBC contains the same kind of awkward phraseology and misspellings seen in Jeffaliberalchristian’s comment. What a coincidence!

    Anyway, here is a cache of the old page for WOFBC…

    Nice try, zealots.


  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    thatisos cooooolll!

  8. Jim says:

    Weirdly enough, I see it as a disappearing dot, with the disappearance rotating around in a circle. Then, when I look at the plus sign in the middle, the revolving dot turns green.

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