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Bipartisan Opponents of Wall Street Welfare in the Senate

Overall for the week the Dow Jones Industrials Average is down a couple hundred points. That’s a typical market movement for a week. Yesterday, the Dow was down 19 points. Today, stocks are down again, but only by a bit over 200 points. Stocks are still well above the 10,000 mark.

In this rather mild market environment, we’re supposed to believe that Wall Street is in crisis, and needs hundreds of billions of dollars that we may never get back. It doesn’t take a genius to see the flaws in this assertion.

The following are the members of the United States Senate who smelled the bullshit and decided not to join the panic. They’re Republicans and Democrats, because it’s not a partisan issue. It’s an issue of simple intelligence and fiscal integrity. Thanks to these senators:

Wayne Allard
John Barrasso
Sam Brownback
James Bunning
Maria Cantwell
Thad Cochran
Michael Crapo
James DeMint
Elizabeth Dole
Byron Dorgan
Michael Enzi
Russ Feingold
James Inhofe
Tim Johnson
Mary Landrieu
Bill Nelson
Pat Roberts
Bernard Sanders
Richard Shelby
Debbie Stabenow
Jon Tester
David Vitter
Roger Wicker
Ron Wyden

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