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How Dare A Journalist Write About The News!

I am outraged, nay, shocked, upon finding out the truth about Gwen Ifill, the journalist who will moderate tonight’s vice presidential debate. It turns out that Ifill, who is a senior correspondent for the News Hour and host for Washington Week In Review, is writing a book about events in the news! Why, that’s… um… completely normal.

Oh, but wait until you hear this! It turns out that the book will contain a chapter, which is not yet written, about Barack Obama, who is… um… not one of the participants in tonight’s vice presidential debate.

Well, the story really gets juicy when you consider that Gwen Ifill was the moderator of the 2004 vice presidential debate between John Edwards and Dick Cheney, and we all remember how that turned out! Remember the raging stories about Gwen Ifill’s bias back then, as a journalist who shockingly writes about the news? Well, come to think about it, I don’t remember that happening either.

Ah, but as a Republican comment on an article in the Boston Globe explains, “Now Ifill has a financial interest in A black man becoming President.” Yes! That’s it! Gwen Ifill is obviously planning to do an unprofessional job at the vice presidential debate, with the idea that doing so will encourage people to buy her book, which will make her sooooper rich!

Hmm. Maybe there isn’t really a story here. Maybe the Republicans are just trying to come up with an excuse for Sarah Palin’s habit of dribbling out little bits of idiocy whenever she talks about national issues on television.

No, that can’t be it. I’m sure Gwen Ifill, like all other journalists, must be biased in some way. I mean, here Ifill is, a journalist writing about the news! If that doesn’t show bias, nothing does.

If only all these biased reporters would ask Sarah Palin the right questions, then we would see the brilliance of Palin that has been obscured behind the fog of ugly gotcha journalism. For example, they could ask Palin what her favorite color is, or whether she likes puppies and kittens.

4 thoughts on “How Dare A Journalist Write About The News!”

  1. Sarah P says:

    Hey of course I love kittens… TO EAT! Remember – I’m just a pit bull with lipstick!

  2. Sam says:, no…Ifill has a financial vested interest in Obama winning. It’s THAT point that makes her biased in this instance. Her book’s success is based upon his being elected and in the White House when it comes out on the same day Obama would be sworn in. It’s not politics, it’s money. She needs to be pulled.

  3. J. Clifford says:

    Sam, you obviously haven’t bothered to do your research. Only one chapter in the book is about Barack Obama – who will still be in the United States Senate even if he loses.

    Think hard now: How much money do you really think Gwen Ifill will get from the book? Not much. How much of that money could be devoted to that one chapter. Even less.

    And for THAT, she’s supposed to throw away her professional reputation? Sam, you’re just being silly.

  4. Jim says:

    No, she doesn’t. The book is not just about Barack Obama. The central subject of the book is actually not Barack Obama, but rather is black politicians in his generation (and younger), including profiles of politicians such as Cory Booker, whose record of electoral success has been mixed.

    John McCain has said Gwen Ifill is objective. Are you calling John McCain a liar?

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