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13 thoughts on “I Want a President who can pronounce the word "Nuclear."”

  1. darebrit says:

    You probably were not on the e-mail list.

    It has now become official Bush newspeak. If you cannot pronounce a word properly, the way that the President speakifies it, is automaticaly correct.

  2. Handrock says:

    So now we condemn people based on their regional dalects. How fair and even handed. You two make yoursevles look more the fool with each brainless, bigoted post.

  3. hendrixbot says:

    @Handrock, which regional dialect uses that pronunciation? The dialect used around elite northeastern law schools clearly doesn’t. The dialect used by plain folks from the south (where I’ve been for the past couple of decades) doesn’t either. We may say it slower, but it’s still New-klee-er.
    I posit the new-Cue-lar pronunciation is from the dialect of people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

  4. Handrock says:

    If a Black candidate used Ax instead of Ask would you be so quick to mock? I have lived all over the place, and have meet people that speak with many different flavors, even people that have trouble pronouncing things still can be quite intelligent. I find it mean spirited to mock people in the same vein as hecklers do in High School. I once knew a Fellow by the name of Dieu, from Vietnam. He had been in the States for years, but still spoke Engligh poorly. As a result he was the subject of a lot of teasing. When I took the time to listen to him I found that he was a unique person with qualities intelligence and loyalty and generosity that were very admirable. This web site is really full of bigotry and hatred. Where I would like to believe that people with a higher moral sense would be less bitter and petty Unlike me entirely.

  5. Fruktata says:

    Name an African-American candidate for President who says “Axe” instead of “Ask”.

    Name please, Handrock.

  6. Jim says:

    Sarah Palin is not from Vietnam.

  7. Eileen Tudor-Wright says:

    I can tell you, pal, that we at the Paliban are very happy with future-President Palin’s performance! And her return to the proper regional pronunciation of nuclear, instead of that uppity East Coast version her “handlers” wanted her to use, makes us love her all the more!

  8. Handrock says:

    Frut and Jim
    Are you that dense? Or have the HIGH time that are: “Behind us we have left the old times, the standard times, the high times. Welcome to the irregular times.” responsible for a lack of understanding? Jim how the heck did you survive the fall off the turnip truck? You are completely hampered by a mental rigidity that confounds the mind. You would be a blast at a Party, Jim says “there aren’t any apples in that barrel”

    Oooohwee! Come here and let me introduce you to the amazing Jim, watch his mental gymnastics trying to avoid thinking!! Yeah I would pee my pants laughing.

    Make a comment that has some substance, something that I can understand what you stand for as opposed to what you are against. I can see that normal people are a problem for you in your lofty tower of idealism. Of course, you probably have an interesting concept of what is normal. What would you like to see Jim, come sit on the couch and let it all out, you will feel a catharsis.

  9. Handrock says:

    Yep! Tudor- Wright

    Well just call me Martin-Godair-Gingerich-Handrock, lets be sensitive to my multicultural feelings, please.

    Let me aks you what do you know about Nuclear power? For it or Against it and why?

  10. Handrock says:

    You know that if Palin didn’t scare you so much you would be happier! If the Real America weren’t so foreign. I’ll bet you all went to college, and were brainwashed…

  11. Tim H. Royal says:

    It is not Nuclear power I am against but the methods of disposing of Nuclear waste that scares me. When they figure out how to dispose of the waste, then by all means go for it. But Republicans, as always, give no thought to long term consequences. Future threats of having to clean up this Nuclear would cost far more than $700 Billion dollars. McCain wants to jump right into building Nuke power plants but no idea of how to dispose of the waste. They have had to close plants because of that problem. Palin scares me because God speaks to her. I, for one take the Bible as a grain of salt. Jesus came to fullfil the Law of Moses, not to inforce it. I frankly cannot believe that a man, I.E. profet spending 40 days in the desert can speak for God. I don’t want a pentacostal praying for a way to govern this country.
    I would be very embarrassed if she spoke as a soccer mom to the U.N.
    She is hokey, a redneck and what really scares me is that she might be President. She is already referred to as president. I wish I could move to another world.

  12. AT says:

    So Handrock, are you actually proud that you’ve not pursued a higher education?

  13. Handrock says:


    I have worked at Nuc plants doing refuels, and I can tell you that the technology exists to burn fuel, even spent fuel, completely out…

    I never said I had not pursued a higher education… I merely implied that many people are completely brainwashed by their liberal America hating professors.

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