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6 thoughts on “Palinism of the Moment: Affecting the Impacts That Affect Our Affect”

  1. Hey hey hey says:

    I can’t tell if she’s a total moron or an utter genius. It takes most people a while to realize that that sentence is utterly meaningless, and by the times they have, she’s moved onto the next sentence, so it doesn’t even matter. Brilliant.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ms. Palin is patently a product of Bush political newspeak. She will go far in republican politics. Hopefully straight down.

  3. Troyboy says:

    You two are simply wonderful! I just hate the B%*&*&%) Palin and her terrible redo boofant hair and bad Andy Warhol glasses.

  4. Jim says:

    Handrock, if you’re going to try to impersonate someone who is anti-Palin so you can use the word “Bitch” and then later complain that anti-Palin people are just haters who use the word “Bitch,” you should use a computer with a different IP address. It’s just so much more thorough.

  5. Janine Lee says:

    Palin, as I said elsewhere, has been coached in the Condoleeza Rice school of big-mouth obfuscation. Last time I steeled myself to watch Rice testify before Congress, I could not believe how those weenies let her rant on and on, repeating her “talking points”, purposefully taking up her alloted time without saying anything. The chair never rapped a gavel to warn her, ever so respectfully, that she was just running out the clock. Bunch of whores! No, let me not insult honest sex workers by comparing them to our Congress. To think that one of the most poweful leaders in Congressional history was the criminal Tom Delay (previous job: pesticide dealer)!

    The Reps have studied that playbook and coached Palin, who hasn’t 1/1000th of Rice’s education,
    to similarly run out the clock with vapid mouthings. Seems to work with people who (a) don’t think and (b) don’t take the trouble to look up the countless proven lies her campaign has told, and the countless black marks on her
    her private life.

  6. Darebrit says:

    Reply to comment#3

    I suggest that you take that rock in your hand and slam it against your head a few times. It may not solve your problem but the resulting laps in your pointless comments would certainly be appreciated.

    And who knows? you might find that you like it.

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