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I agree with the motivation behind the site Remove Palin, which is organizing a video petition to urge the McCain campaign to take Sarah Palin off the 2008 Republican White House ticket. However, when it comes to their tactics, and their precise goal, I’m actually not in agreement.

The Remove Palin site urges people to create videos in which they read the following statement:

“My name is ___________________.
Sarah Palin is not informed enough to be Vice-President.
And her beliefs are too extreme.
There is a plausible chance Mrs. Palin could be President.
We cannot take this chance.
I respectfully demand John McCain remove
Sarah Palin from his ticket. He’s made a mistake.
And the thought of her as President terrifies me.”

The original idea of a petition, in which a person signs their name to a group statement, is something I have no problem with. The signature exists to demonstrate agreement with the statement, which is necessary sometimes to condense the shared position of a large number of people into a size that can be quickly understood.

However, the idea of making a video in my own voice, with my own image, in which I read words written by someone else as if I am making them myself, feels dishonest. Those aren’t my words. Why should I pretend that they are? I’m plenty capable of coming up with my own video expressions of opposition to Sarah Palin – and in fact, I already have. I don’t like the feeling any organization asking me to merely repeat its words. It’s disrespectful of my individuality, and not very effective, because it produces an appearance of a group of people who are just having words put in their mouths.

Furthermore, because I oppose John McCain, and not just Sarah Palin, I do not want McCain to remove Sarah Palin from the Republican White House ticket. McCain chose Palin, and I think that she reflects his irresponsible pandering to incompetent extremism very well. Sarah Palin represents the Republican Party very well – and I don’t mean that as a compliment. I welcome Palin’s vice presidential campaign, because it exposes the cruel idiocy of the Republican Party.

Let Sarah Palin destroy the Republican Party. Keep her on that ticket!

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