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Sarah Palin’s Spiritual Mentor Does AIDS Faith Healing

Thanks again to our mysterious commenter Dark Energy for bringing news of the doings of Thomas Muthee.

For those of you who haven’t been following the story, Thomas Muthee is the man who gave Sarah Palin a ceremony of supernatural protection from witchcraft that just a few weeks ago Palin said gave her the power to become Governor of Alaska. Thomas Muthee came back to Sarah Palin’s home church in Wasilla, Alaska just a week and a half ago, urging Palin’s friends and neighbors to “crush the spirit of witchcraft” and to defeat demonic “python spirits”. Thomas Muthee gained his fame by contributing to a problem of widespread violence against people accused of witchcraft. Yes, Thomas Muthee hunts witches, having incited a violent mob to chase a woman out of town under the threat of stoning her to death, because Muthee accused the woman of using magical spells to cause car accidents.

Sarah Palin has a years-long relationship with Thomas Muthee. It was Muthee who gave Palin an introductory speech at the Wasilla Assembly of God church when she decided to campaign for Governor of Alaska. Muthee then explained that Sarah Palin should get the votes of the members of her church because she would be part of a divine plan to “infiltrate” the government, “invading” the secular state and taking it over in order to spread the Assembly of God’s religious beliefs in schools and through other public institutions.

Now we get the icing on top of the cake. An archived web page documents that Thomas Muthee, while visiting the Christ Chapel church in Woodbridge, Virginia, also claimed to have the magical power to cure people of HIV infections. “This is the man who has 23 documented cases of people who were healed by the power of God from AIDS!” the site declares.

I’d like to see that documentation. I would really like to see the evidence that Thomas Muthee was able to supernaturally cure 23 people of AIDS. Sadly, I can’t find any information about these so-called “documented cases”.

There’s a real danger in telling people who have HIV infections that they have been magically healed of their disease. The danger is that, thinking that they’re free of the AIDS virus, these people will then infect other people. In Africa, where HIV medications are hard to come by, those people will likely die, and infect yet more people along the way.

When will Sarah Palin repudiate Thomas Muthee?

8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Spiritual Mentor Does AIDS Faith Healing”

  1. Handrock says:

    Thomas Muthee cannot possibly heal anyone. But everything is possible for God.

    You don’t believe in miracles? Isn’t the universe existing a miracle? If we exist isn’t anything then possible?

    As for this line:
    “There’s a real danger in telling people who have HIV infections that they have been magically healed of their disease. The danger is that, thinking that they’re free of the AIDS virus, these people will then infect other people. In Africa, where HIV medications are hard to come by, those people will likely die, and infect yet more people along the way.”

    So from this line of reasoning, I would assume that you favor the manditory indentification of people with AIDS to protect the unifected from them?

    It is also unclear to me how they will die and infect other people. And even if they had medicine, and had unprotected sex, wouldn’t they also infect others?


    Don’t hold your breath waiting for that documentation. 🙂




    Regarding possibilities…

    Believing in a god simply because the existence of one is possible and can’t be disproven is the same as believing in unicorns simply because their existence is possible and can’t be disproven. In other words, arguing that miraculous healing is possible isn’t a good argument in favor of why people should believe in it.

    Regarding AIDS…

    It seems to me that a person who has HIV and knows it is more inclined to practice safe sex or abstinence than a person who has HIV but wrongly believes a faith healer prayed it away.


  4. Elle says:

    Well, considering the “safe sex” they practice in most of Africa anyway, I don’t think it matters much.

    One of the reasons Africa has such a horrendous AIDS problem, is because of the type of safe sex education that is prevalent, which is none, thanks to the missionaries and influence of the christian church.

    Riddle me this, how many church sponsored programs for handing out condoms are going on in Sub-Sahara Africa at this time?

    What form of sex education, which has failed miserably in the past, but is still the only one supported, is being used to teach the people how to prevent the spread of disease and unwanted pregnancy?

    Maybe if you pray a little the answers will come to you.

  5. Handrock says:

    Sorry Elle but STD’s began to rise after the advent of the new sex ed in the 60’s. As did unwed mothers and abortions. The anointed in their quest for a utopia have fostered the current situation where a schoolchild can’t ask for an aspirin without parental permission. But can get an abortion. WOW

    So you saying that Christianity frowns on safe sex among married couples or promiscuity? You do realize that AIDS is a self limiting disease, if people stopped having sex like dogs in heat…. Alzheimer’s howerever is not based on behavior.

    That is exactly why the male homosexual population was hit so hard…

  6. Elle says:

    Oh, what a nice way to avoid answering some rather simple questions that have some rather disturbing answers, well that is if you are a christian who supports abstinance only education.

    But even in avoiding the answers, you still gave wrong, or at least less than factual answers.

    Lets start with the 60’s and sex education shall we. Now I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, and you know what, I never got an STD or any of the other things, most of the people I know didn’t either. But if they had, well, there is more to it than just a change in sex education.

    There was the movement away from the old fashioned mores which had held this country in a staitjacket of conformity since the victorian era. Some of the “social ills”, which you speak about came, not from an actual increase of activity, but an increase in the reporting of such activities, and the fact that, some of the people involved chose to not have the shotgun wedding that would have happened in the past, but to have the child alone and raise it, or get an abortion.

    As for abortion, well, since they were illegal until Roe vs. Wade, and that happened in the time period, hey, guess the abortion rate might show a bit of a rise there now wouldn’t it. Before that time, unwanted pregnancies were handled on the qt, so any figures were at best, guesstamates.

    Now don’t tell anyone this, but we have known for millenia how to stop an unwanted pregnancy if need be. It isn’t as certain as modern methods, but it worked well enough.

    We witches learn, in the course of things, a bit about herbalism, some of us become quite expert at it in fact. One of the things we learn is the medicinal properties of herbs and plants, and that there are plants that you can use right after intercourse to help prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Any herbalist worth their salt knows about them, and for untold ages, they did a brisk business among “working” girls. Pregnant prostitutes tend to not make a lot of money

    Well, as far as christianity and safe sex among married couples and all that, just look at catholic church doctrine. As far as pregnancy goes, the only approved method is the rythym method, and we all know what you call a woman who uses the rythym method don’t we?

    As for STD’s, well since couples are not supposed to go outside the marriage for sex, gee, they don’t really need a doctrine for that now do they?

    Now, for a little lesson that everyone really should know, humans are sexual creatures, no matter what the victorian morality of some would want us to believe.

    People are going to fornicate, and in some cultures, it isn’t as repressed or culturally taboo as the poor blueballs of the church might want it to be. Africa is one of those places that, until the missionaries came along and tried to convince them any different, had few hangups about two people hooking up.

    So here comes the church, and in the midst of a very permissive culture, decides that it is only right and proper to teach abstinance only sex education and next to nothing about safe sex.

    We have seen how well that works, ask Sarah Palin’s daughter, or the legions of other teenagers who for one reason or another couldn’t wait until marriage, and didn’t have a clue about how to prevent a pregnancy because they were not taught about contraception. The same goes for an increase in STD’s among youth in the past several years.

    Gee it happened just about the same time abstinance only started being taught, and after a steady decline of both pregnancy and STD’s among teenagers in the years leading up to then.

    Oh yeah, that really worked quite well now, didn’t it?

    So anyhow, lets get back to Africa, where people just do what comes natural. We throw in AIDS, we give them no information concerning safe sex, except for telling them to stop rutting like two huskies in the snow, and we have an epidemic on our hands.

    Oh, and how homosexuality comes into this as far as Africa goes, WTF? Is this maybe a little bit of your own personal prejudice showing through or what?

    The people spreading AIDS in Africa are, *gasp* straight men. the same is happening in this country as well, the fastest growing segment of people contracting HIV are straight.

    Not just for gay men any more.

    Personally, barring rape, I am safe. AIDs doesn’t spread among lesbians hardly at all. As long as I stay away from those crazy Bi women, I am gold.

    Bet your’e jealous now.

  7. Handrock says:


    That isn’t the way I see it, but that’s the way the world goes around. From my point of view things are different. I was born in the 50’s and was a teenager in the mid sixties and early seventies. I spent those years in NYC, a hotbed of sexual liberty. Straight, Bi, orgies, samesex, you name it and it was to be had there. When I was young there it was like being a kid in a candy store. I was very sexual being. As a teenager I had women twice my age chasing me, and men too. Many of my best friends were gay, some very brilliant and good people that I loved dearly.

    At that time I thought that SEX was sport. And I wanted to win. But as I aged I began to see that it is all vanity and addiction. Sometimes we see that we are a slave to the things that we do. That some restraint is liberating, and we are able to find new pleasures that do not revolve around being carnal. To say that humans are sexual beings has the same meaing as saying we are eaters. Eating without limits is glutany. Drinking alcohol without limits is alcoholism.. On only need look at some of the Hollwood stars to see where a world without self control and limits will take you.
    Personally I don’t care whether you are gay or straight. If I met you and liked you thats all that matters. I am not here to judge you as a person and somehow believe myself superior. I know for a fact that I am not. But, and here’s the big Butt, my faith tells me that many thing people do are not ultimately healthy or in our best interest. That doesn’t mean that I have a right to stone you, or you me for that matter. But it also means that I believe that moral codes are meant to make like healthier and better for all.

    As for sex ed, I believe some adult try to sexualize children at a time that is inappropriate. I have four children, two in their mid twenties and two much younger. I can tell you as I have aged my beliefs about parenting have changed. Especially what children need to know at different ages.

    So you are a witch, interesting.


    “My faith tells me that many thing people do are not ultimately healthy or in our best interest.”


    You don’t have to believe in a deity to distinguish between safe behavior and risky behavior. That distinction can be made using common sense.


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