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Violence Marks Ramadan's End in Iraq

Ah, the power of faith to bring us all together in the spirit of community… BOOM! A suicide bomber blew himself up outside of a mosque today, just as Ramadan drew to a close. Then another suicide bomb exploded near another mosque. In Diyala, a small bus was shot to pieces. This came just a day after another suicide bombing at yet another mosque, while the people there were praying. 32 people were killed in another suicide bombing on Sunday.

It is said that since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, violence always increases during the month of Ramadan.

11 thoughts on “Violence Marks Ramadan's End in Iraq”

  1. Darebrit says:

    Religious festivals have always been a time for violence and reprisals,

    Hindu rituals of violence were practiced after certain festivals right up to the 20th century. Buddhists flayed alive dissenters at annual rituals. The catholics invented the pogroms against the jews in Prague in the 1600’s to coincide with passover, they also invented the inquisition which was another form of ritualized religious violence. Other religeous and secterian violence has been focused to coincide with all manner of community activities and festivals. Even the Aztec and xoltec peoples appeased their gods with viiolence as did the Egyptians, Pheonecians, Greeks and Romans.

    We arrogent modern and new-agers like to look down on others and claim that we are above such things. But we are not.

    Generals and miltary tacticians often time their assaults and battles to ta take advantage of the rituals and holy days of their enemys, to achieve maximum effect on the opposing forces.

    We in America are not perfect, nor are we beyond chiticsm. We made war against native and aboroginals here and in other lands. deliberatley designed to take advantage of diverse religious customs not our own. The destruction of native American holy grounds in the 1800’s in the name of ‘manifest Destiny’, the attacks against the Phillipne Mong and the Tet offensive in Vietnam are examples which spring to mind.

    Violence and religion have been with us since man first developed the concept of God. The acts perpetrated are designed to cause maximum physical and psychological harm and to appease or please our concept of religious ‘crusades’, In the name of OUR gods.

    American religious extremists are no exception. Jim Jones. David Koresh. Bishop Murthee. Etcetera ad nauseum.

    Stop being hypocritical and face facts. Each god that is worshipped or diefied, is the cause, reason and effect of violence against people.

    The prayer request to the judaen/christo god to “confound our enemies and destroy those who rise against us’, is one of the oldest prayers preached in the Jewish Temples and Christian Churches. And let us not forget. Our religions have produced more wars and sectarian violence than all the others together.

    OUR god must be pleased.

  2. Handrock says:

    Wow Dare, How can one respond to such invective? Yes, there has been violence along the the vast stretch of time in the name of god.. Man being who he is how could there be otherwise. But to lay the blame on religion is a stretch.

    I can find no scripture in the New Testament where Christ commanded his followers to Jihad!

    Now I can say that Mohammed did promote violence in the name of Allah. I believe that was Jihad.

    To say all faith is the same is to show a vast ignorance.

  3. Handrock says:

    “And let us not forget. Our religions have produced more wars and sectarian violence than all the others together.”

    Really, based on what facts or are facts unimportant when you have such an obvious bias and hatred of faith.

  4. Jim says:

    What’s the other half of the Bible? The Owl Testament? The Mold Testament? The Ole Liniment? Dang it, I can’t remember the name of it. Maybe you could help me there, Handrock. I seem to recall quite a bit of holy war and genocide in there, commanded by God and all. If only I could remember that book’s name… the Oiled Testicle?

    1. JD says:

      Jim, I thought you knew the “Good Book” better than that. The ‘ole testament is more than 1/2 of the cannonized text.

  5. Darebrit says:

    It is difficult to reply to such specious logic and research from someone who is obviously semi literate, incapable of objective reasoning, is imbued with faulty historical or biblical knowledge and is infected with a self rightious hipocracy and misplaced religious dogma.

    So I won’t.

  6. Handrock says:


    What a brilliant self revealing description. And how elitist of you. Is your rambling a congenital problem or a result of periodic relapses into dementia. It’s funny how you and Jim are so above answering my questions. You try to act like you distain my ignorance, but in fact it only show me what you really are. And you know it too.

  7. darebrit says:

    See response #5.

  8. Handrock says:

    How old are you dare, do your parents know you are using their computer. Is the acne acting up?

  9. Anonymous says:


    These are the kind of comments one would expect from someone like you whose age apparently matches their IQ.

    Go back to school, Get and education, then get a life, then respond at an appropriatly intellectual level to comments at this site.

    Until then, Tell your grandpa I said Hi.

  10. Handrock says:

    Oh wow what daring wit and subtlety. How much grass did you have to smoke to think that was a good comeback? wWhat you are so proud of your comments that you want to be Assnonymous?

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