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Green Congressional Candidate Alan Augustson Blasts Rahm Emanuel Over $700,000,000,000.00 Bailout

Today, Illinois Congressman and DC power player Rahm Emanuel voted for the $700 Billion bailout bill. His Green Party challenger in the 5th District, Alan Augustson, has issued a statement this evening unconditionally condemning Emanuel’s vote:

I wish to state for the record my extreme displeasure with Congress, for its passage of the $700B so-called “Bailout Bill”.

When American working families go belly-up in this present, hostile economy, they are treated to endless lectures about “responsibility”, about “lifestyle choices” and “good judgment”. People who have no inkling of their individual circumstances will call them “deadbeats” to their very faces.

However, when major global investment firms suffer the natural consequences of their own greed, unscrupulousness and incompetence, apparently they can avoid all the above and simply get rescued by the American taxpayer.

While I am, as I said, angered, I am not at all surprised. The incumbent in my district, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL-05), received over $800,000 in contributions in 2007-2008 from securities and investment firms, insurance companies and commercial banks. Rep. Emanuel has always been an entirely client-oriented politician; his latest outrage merely makes obvious who his real constituents are.

The people of my district will not keep their jobs one additional day for this measure — by and large, they have lost them already. Nor will it fix the root causes of the economic crisis — our failing infrastructure, the global devaluation of labor, and the depletion of the world’s resources due to overpopulation and overconsumption.

Our government continues to shed, bit by bit, its last pretenses of public service, and we are less free, less prosperous, less safe and less respected every day for it. If the people fail to effect real change in November, their opportunity to do so ever again may be lost. They will be too caught up in the struggle for survival to care any longer about freedom, justice or peace.

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