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Palin Lied Her Way Into Confidence on Wall Street

Last night, Sarah Palin offered a more confident appearance than many people expected. She didn’t have so many gaps in her speech, and she was careful to use actual sentences rather than collections of catch phrases. Does that mean, though, that she gave a good performance?

That depends upon whether the truth is important to you.

On the most important issue of the day, the government bailout of corrupt and collapsing Wall Street financial institutions, Sarah Palin plainly lied. She said over and over again that John McCain had been the leader of efforts to reform Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

That’s just not true. John McCain did no such thing. In fact, John McCain has been working with lobbyists from Wall Street, paid by companies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to oppose reform. In fact, the McCain-Palin campaign manager, Rick Davis, has been caught taking payments from Freddie Mac just in order to stay close to McCain on the campaign trail and influence him to go soft on Wall Street.

John McCain’s own Chief of Staff in the Senate, Mark Buse, was hired as a lobbyist by Freddie Mac to get close to John McCain and influence him on behalf of the mortgage company. He was actually paid to get onto John McCain’s staff and lobby from there to let Wall Street have its way.

Twice last night, Sarah Palin actually said that when it comes to the problems with the Wall Street meltdown, the government should “get out of the way and let the private sector” do what it wants. “Government, just get out of my way!” she said.

Sarah Palin seems to have decided that as long as she says something in a confident tone and cute chirp in her voice, she can say just about anything, and we’ll all think she’s wonderful.

Thanks, but no thanks, Mrs. Palin.

One thought on “Palin Lied Her Way Into Confidence on Wall Street”

  1. groetzinger says:

    Did Palin have something in her eye or was she winking her way through this debate?Maybe that is her foreign policy?

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