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Palinism of the Day: I May Not Answer the Questions

“I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear.”

Sarah Palin, October 2 2008

3 comments to Palinism of the Day: I May Not Answer the Questions

  • Anonymous

    *raises hand*

    Hey, hey, I have a question for you: does the term ‘maverick’ mean the same thing as ‘ignorant jerk bag’?

  • There was a short video of Palin on TV that showed her as a member of a small very Christian “radical” having a child baptized. I never wrote it down but it was shown on TV I believe MSNBC. The church was in Wasilla. Is the story true or not. It was shown shortly after her nomination.At the time, it was touted as being more radical than the preacher associated with Obama

  • Laura

    Esther, I didn’t see exactly what you saw on tv, but it sounds like maybe they might have shown a clip of Thomas Muthee. He’s not the pastor at Palin’s church, but he does have a strong connection/association to it.

    In the upper right hand corner of this website is a Search. If you type in “Palin Muthee” and click search, the stories and video clips about Palin’s church’s ties to him will come up.

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