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Why Did McCain Make His Wife Wince?

Caption challenge:

The following photograph of Cindy McCain listening to her husband, John McCain, speak in Columbus was taken by Irregular Times writer Jim.

What words were going through Cindy McCain’s mind as she made this wincing face? What words from John McCain provoked this expression?

cindy mccain winces at john mccain speech

17 thoughts on “Why Did McCain Make His Wife Wince?”

  1. Mark says:

    My poor husband. He’s trying so hard and refuses to give up, but this is a lost cause. He’s going to need a lot of emotional support after we lose on election day.

  2. BAJ says:

    “At least I don’t plaster makeup on like a trollop, you cunt.” Unquote. And then the bastard pays $5000 for a make-up job of his own before the 1st debate…so what name should we call him? Trust me..I can think of quite a few…

  3. Kat says:

    We may loose all of our Money…But damn it… We will win this election.

  4. groetzinger says:

    He looks and sounds like the Penguin in Batman!

  5. Jim says:

    At least she only winces at her husband. In this shaky shaky video I took that day (sorry, the network camera jerks were jostling me), you can actually see Cindy McCain’s mouth repeatedly twitching and curling as she watches Sarah Palin speak.

  6. Handrock says:

    You are assuming that she is wincing at her husband because Jim says she is! It looks more like she’s thinking” who is this Guy with drill holes in his head, and why is he wearing an “I LOVE MICHAEL MOORE” shirt?

    JIm, that is some of the most poorly focused film I have ever seen, is that from your super 8?

  7. Jim says:

    No, actually, I used my anal sphincter for a pinhole camera. You wouldn’t imagine the developing bath.

  8. Handrock says:

    Typical of your answers and your commitment to a ideology to the point of complete disregard for the humans involved..It is obvious to someone with an interest in what is really going on with Mrs. McCain that she suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome. Contrary to the version made popular in movies it does not usually involve vocal outbursts.

    “The “tics” symptoms involving Tourette Syndrome are known to temporarily aggravate with increased stress. Also the tics can wax and wane or come and go through out the patient’s life. It is also normal for the tics to change and return. Some of the Tourette tics can be suppressed for small periods of time, however generally return with greater aggravation. It should also be noted that most persons with Tourette Syndrome do not require medication for their tics.”

    I suppose making fun of people with a disorder is fun for you. However I just make fun of you, because you’re an ass with camera sticking out.

  9. J. Clifford says:

    Cindy McCain suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome? Really? I’m searching, and searching, and searching for a source to confirm that information, and I can’t find it. Nothing.

    I did find a CNN discussion in which medical doctors are talking about Tourette’s Syndrome, and Cindy McCain happens to be there, discussing her husband’s medical conditions, but never is it stated anywhere that Cindy McCain has Tourette’s Syndrome.

    Besides – does Tourette’s Syndrome cause Cindy McCain to look bored and check their watches while Sarah Palin is speaking?

  10. Jim says:

    If Cindy McCain is really suffering from Tourette’s syndrome, which there is no evidence for or mention of anywhere, then she would have my sympathy.

    I was watching her for the whole event. She didn’t look like someone having a grand time who happens to have Tourette’s. Sarah Palin’s daughter looked like she was having fun; good for her. Cindy McCain looked bored, irritated, aggravated and tight. She’s not happy up there on that stage.

  11. Handrock says:

    You mean that there might be medical conditions that people in the public forum suffer from that are not a matter of public knowledge? Are either of you acquainted with HIPA? There certainly could be a measure of boredom or more possible an anxiety evident in Cindy’s movements. However, I do believe that as the wife of a Senator, if what she is doing were not Tourette’s, she would control it in the public arena. Tourette’s is aggravated by anxiety. As a medical condition that is also a mental disorder, it would not easily be made public.

  12. Handrock says:


    how many ID’s do you write under? Is the J Clifford protecting the Jim persona?

  13. Jim says:

    No, we’re different people, living in different states. I write under one “persona,” which is mine, because Jim is my name, because it is me.

    Handrock, how often do you torture your children?

  14. J. Clifford says:

    Handrock, you’re claiming that Cindy McCain has Tourette syndrome, but that it’s secret, which is why there are no sources for it? I claim a simpler explanation: Cindy McCain was making faces of disgust and boredom upon listening to her husband and Sarah Palin because she was feeling disgusted and bored.

  15. Reggie says:

    I know you do! Moreover, I don’t claim anything, other than there are possible explanations that do not revolve around your Cognitive Dissonance!

  16. Reggie says:

    Jim,I stopped beating my children about the same time you gave up eating dinner at Jeffrey Damlers.

  17. Handrock says:

    now I have two personas too. ANd wE LiVe In CompLeteLy DiFfeRent StaTes Too

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