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Don't Vote Nov. 4 in Ohio, Whatever You Do

Whatever you do, for goodness’ sake, if you live in Ohio don’t vote on Election Day this November.

I know I won’t.

2008 Ohio General Election BallotIn 2004, voting line waits were as long as 11 hours in the state of Ohio, and on the radio this morning an elections analyst was predicting an average wait of an hour here in Franklin County on Election Day. For people with jobs or university schedules, that makes voting tough and makes it likely that voting numbers will be depressed.

I love the ritual of heading into the booth and voting on Election Day, but it’s more important to me that everybody the same chance. That’s why I got my ballot through the mail and will be sending it in sometime over the next week or two. If I don’t go, someone else gets to vote a few minutes earlier. If you don’t vote on Election Day, another person gets in to vote a little bit easier. Method One is to get yourself an absentee ballot, like I did. You don’t need a reason like illness or travel any more to do that. Method Two is to engage in early voting at your county board of elections. Heck, if you head in to do early voting by tomorrow, October 6, you can even register to vote and then cast your vote all at once.

Avoid turning Ohio into a repeated electoral mess in 2008: vote early.

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