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Beware the Hypno Mind Rays of John McCain

I’ve been wondering for months how John McCain can expect people to believe the absurd things that come out of his mouth. How can they believe it when he says he knows how to win wars, when he said that the Iraq War was won back in 2003? How can they believe McCain when he says that the fundamentals of the economy are strong? How can they believe that McCain will support energy reform when he supported drill, baby, drill and has voted against sustainable energy more times than he has fingers and toes.

Then, when I saw this picture of John McCain at one of his campaign rallies, I realized the awful truth. Like Doctor Strange, John McCain has the power of hypno mind rays.

It’s the only explanation.

john mccain casting a hypnotic spell

But oh, dear – does this mean that John McCain is in league with the python spirits?

2 thoughts on “Beware the Hypno Mind Rays of John McCain”


    Speaking of mind rays…

    Apparently, an Ed Kalnins believes that he has been the victim of electronic mind control weaponry. Kalnins signed some sort of petition demanding that “sadistic shadow networks” using mind control weaponry be brought to justice…

    Kalnins’ signature is the 201st and appears on page 5 of the signatures list.

    LOL! It just gets weirder and weirder.


  2. Clyde says:

    It isn’t that McSame has any extra powers for hypno mind ray transmission. It is just that some people are mentally susceptible to this moron’s ideologies/deceptions. That they know something is wrong is great. Now they can avoid voting for that moronic windbag.

    Someone recently pointed out to me that TV depicts him raising his arms above his head in a sign of greeting when first encountering his audience. Ad aid then steps up to him from the back and whispers to him then he immediately brings his arms down (to indicate a false injury from Nam) at right angles to the camers in not what appears to be a sign of greeting as much as a sign of “stand the hell back.”

    He’s one of those “any govt assistance is socialism and is a commie plot” type A-holes. Yet, according to my understanding, THIS JERK IS SUCKING UP HIS SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENTS — how the hell hypocritical can one be? He needs to be harangued everywhere he goes about this!

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