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Sarah Palin, Ed Kalnins and Mind Control Connection For Real?

The probing mind of our reader DarkEnergy points us in the direction of what appears to be an involvement of the pastor of Sarah Palin’s home church, the Wasilla Assembly of God, in a delusional petition by people who believe themselves to be the victim of government devices that enable, from a remote location, the interference with the proper functioning of the brains of targeted people.

petition against mind control devices signed by ed kalnins

The petition, which seems to claim that the government is using mysterious devices to control the minds of civilians and to produce mysterious illnesses in their bodies, reads as follows:

We, the undersigned victims of various forms of Electronic Warfare (who are known as Targeted Individuals (TI) worldwide), and our Supporters (Advocates & Activists), are collectively outraged & demand an end to our perpetual torture & harassment! These diabolical Electronic Weapons (EW), which include Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and (V2K) among others, have been remotely deployed against us for many years and are beaming us into metastasizing sickness & even premature deaths! Also, these, Information Operations (IO), with their potentially lethal neurological and psychological attacks explain many of our similar clinical symptoms and diagnoses which are caused by exposures to these Electromagnetic Radiations (EMP).

We demand an immediate end to this pandemic! We hold all those sadistic shadow networks, Secret Services, e.g. CIA (Jackals), NSA, KGB, and Organized Stalking (OS) accountable! By writing you we hope that you would acknowledge our protest, aid in raising public awareness, initiate an investigation, and legally support our appeal for justice!

These unconscionable travesties are the ultimate crimes against humanity and we are all at risk! Please address the outcries of all survivors in ending all forms of electronic genocide and menticide! We are pleading for your help to be unleashed from these atrocious Psychotronic shackles. Please do not allow secrecy to enslave civility!

I’ve run into these people who claim to be the victims of organized stalking before, but to tell the truth, I’m a little bit skeptical of whether this one is genuine. There are some lines, like the last one, “Please do not allow secrecy to enslave civility,” that are just a bit too silly to be believed.

The signature of Ed Kalnins may well be real, but it could also be a fake. I could get online to that petition and enter the name of Joseph Biden, and it would appear. The name of someone of only second-rate notoreity, such as Ed Kalnins, would most likely not be tagged as potentially inauthentic, even by a rigorous petition moderator, and the BAN ELECTRONIC WARFARE ON CIVILIANS petition does not appear to be rigorous at all.

I don’t know if the petition, and the signature of Ed Kalnins on it, are authentic. What’s unsettling, though, is that the idea of Ed Kalnins signing a petition of this sort is not outside of the realm of plausibility. Ed Kalnins preaches that he knows the divine destiny of the state of Alaska and the United States in the future because he’s got teenage prophets with supernatural powers. Kalnins invites witch hunters to preach at his church. He believes in demonic “python spirits”.

Whether or not the signature on this petition is for real, it wouldn’t be too much a stretch if Kalnins really was found to be afraid of invisible electronic mind control rays from secret government agents.

12 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, Ed Kalnins and Mind Control Connection For Real?”


    I would be willing to bet a lot of money that the Ed Kalnins listed on the petition against “mind control weaponry” is none other than Ed Kalnins of Wasilla Assembly of God. The belief that “mind control” will play a role in the End of Days is a common theme in NAR literature and preaching…

    Conspiracy theories about “mind control” fit right in with the End Times fantasy Ed Kalnins has been selling for years.


  2. JP says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I can confidently say that Ed Kalnins is not “afraid of invisible electronic mind control rays” from anyone. You guys are as paranoid about beliefs you don’t understand (or care to try to) as these petition signers are of sophisticated technology. When did investigative journalism devolve into this Enquirer style sensationalist grasping at straws to validate dogmatic opinions?

  3. Rob says:

    Everything I read above, including OS is true, but complications arise when the medical people step in to talk about eyes.

  4. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Huh? The petition signers are of sophisticated technology? Human 2.0?

  5. tom says:

    Break out the tin foil hats!

  6. JP says:

    Apparently you don’t understand complex sentences. What I said was the petition signers are paranoid of sophisticated technology. Like the people who think you can get on some government watch list simply by posting a comment on a web site discussing government mind control. Who says Americans have no imagination?

  7. DARK ENERGY says:


    As far as I can tell, no one here is claiming to know for certain that Mr. Kalnins is the 201st signer of the petition against mind control weaponry. Of course, considering the fact that Kalnins is known to have some bizarre ideas, I think my confidence that he is the signer is reasonable.


  8. Blue Sky Victim says:

    Accusation-I am the Blue Sky Victim. The Television and Radio industries, hereinafter MEDIA, have expanded on the work of Dr. Jose Delgado and Dr. Fry.
    1. I have seen firsthand demonstrations of the MEDIA’s ability to capture human thought, modulate it in with the MEDIA’s outgoing carrier so that those thoughts can be heard in the head of any person the outgoing carrier passes through; hereinafter TALKINGHEADPHENOMENA.
    2. The MEDIA has also demonstrated the ability to make static/feedback heard in the same manner as TALKINGHEADPHENOMENA; hereinafter STATICHEADPHENOMENA. Multiple counties can be subjected to STATICHEADPHENOMENA. The only apparent reason for the STATICHEADPHENOMENA I observed in the Los Angeles/Orange county area was to coerce the population into acting in a particular manner.
    3. I have seen firsthand demonstrations of the MEDIA’s ability to make entire videos appear as dreams during sleep; Hereinafter DREAMHEADPHENOMENA.
    4. I have seen varied other radio/electromagnetic Phenomena; The government unofficially acknowledged the activity then failed to action under FCC or any pertinent Bureau or statute.
    Proposed Solution-Specific legislative Act outlawing any Electromagnetic Wave that is detectible at the human anatomy or human thought process. Specific priority inclusive of that Act so this matter does not get shuffled under some other agenda.
    What I Want From The Readers Of This Site-Post other Jurisdictions where the activities described as is TALKINGHEADPHENOMENA, STATICHEADPHENOMENA, DREAMHEADPHENOMENA is occurring. Post your legislative thoughts in this matter. Propose legislation that encompasses the problem without passing into unrelated areas concerning statements made, political influence and religious influence etc. etc.

    1. Jim says:

      Okey-doke. Prove it.

  9. Debbie says:

    This is not imaginery. I never knew what it was, or even heard of this stuff, until people here made the bad decision to do it to me.Check out topix, you’ll find the story. I can back up people it is happenning too, cause unfourtnantly it is with me. I had a normal life until myx-husband decided to have our daughter killed. People in this freakish helltown started doing this to me to try and prove he didn’t do it. Well, theese people now know he did. Will they do what is right by law and put them away? NO. Fact our society does have this going on in it. Fact the government developed it. Fact they gave it to people who were supposed to watch over the town. Not decide to make this their own little we are oh so powerful game.

  10. Isolde says:

    Many completely normal people believe that government mind control is real. There is actually alot of evidence out there if you care to look.

  11. Erin Franklyn says:

    Here is something interesting… “SILENCE GUN” Silence Gun: Strange weapon of the future immediately quiets you, whether you like it or not –

    I agree with Isolde.

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