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3rd Palinism of the Day: Will the Press Abide by the Geneva Conventions?

“As we send our young men and women overseas in a war zone to fight for democracy and freedoms, including freedom of the press, you’ve really got to have a mutually beneficial relationship here. With fighting for the freedom of the press and then the press, though, not taking advantage of that and exploiting a situation that perhaps that they would want to capture and abuse the privilege.”

Sarah Palin, October 3 2008

6 thoughts on “3rd Palinism of the Day: Will the Press Abide by the Geneva Conventions?”

  1. Handrock says:

    The point here is that if we had the current press during WWII, they would have announced the D-Day invasion to the Germans in an effort to be fair. Possibly even apologized for the acts committed by the Jew that led to the Holocaust. Sarah’s point, and I believe that it is well taken, is that most journalist have a decidedly Anti-American Bias, instilled by the liberal professors that have taken Hitler’s creed to heart, “give me your children from a young age…. To prove the point one need only look at the reaction after 9-11..What did we do to these people to cause this? Rather than realized the significance of the date to the Muslim world and see it in the broad context of Global Jihad. But that would mean that somebody else was evil instead of the US. After all we are the worst of the worst, right?

  2. J. Clifford says:

    Handrock refers to “… the acts committed by the Jew that led to the Holocaust.”

    I beg your pardon for my ignorance, but what acts committed by “the Jew” led to the Holocaust? In what respect was “the Jew” responsible for the Holocaust, Handrock?

    Does Sarah Palin share your opinion about this?

  3. Juliann says:

    I believe the quote “Give me a child from a certian age….” was from one of the popes. People like Handrock scare me. I too would like to know what “the Jew” said that caused the Holocaust.

  4. AT says:

    Do you think you could actually try to make even a little sense, Handy?

  5. Xty says:

    Much of the Vietnam war was televised. Our current press has many more restrictions in the current conflicts than journalists did during Vietnam. Maybe if they televised the caskets of our fallen troops like they did during Vietnam the American people would be more concerned with ending the conflict in Iraq than they have been or at least more concerned in “some way or another,” instead of watching American Idol and reality shows. For many Americans, because they don’t have to be faced with looking at the war, they just don’t see the reality of it. BushCo. passed into Law that pictures or video of the caskets cannot be taken. Te planes arrive in the middle of the night to return out fallen troops bodies as an extra precaution that no one will photograph them.

  6. Darebrit says:

    Let us understand that Handrock is just a shill for the republican party.

    His comments and posts here just reflect the official party line that all republicans/christians, christian/republicans a re right and the res of us wrong.

    All thge wars in history have been recorded from direct observation by those who participated. Naturally the winners always got to controll the view in hindsight of what actually happened.

    War is itself an atrocious act. To focus on the atrocities of one side, reflects similar atrocities on the other.

    The first time that photographs were used to illustrate war, was in the American civil war, with photographs of the dead in the trenches and battlefields of Gettysburg and since that time, there has been no censorship of war reporting except to protect the public from unnecessary brutal and disgusting depictions of death and dismemberment. However such things ahve been recorded to illustrate particularly horrific and inhumane treatment, (the liberation of the Nazi death camps, Mi Lia, Pol Pots killing fields etc) which provide immediate evidence of such inhuman treatment, to civilian non-combatants.

    GWB’s orders NOT to photograph homecoming corpses of US servicemen was ordered to PREVENT the public from having direct understanding of exactly how many young sevicemen were being killed in an illegal war.

    The press generally HAS made attempts to keep the American people informed on the death and injured figures and in this case have been instrumental in providing the public with true and accurate figures. photograph like those published here back in 2005 are considered by most editors too graphic and gory for public view and the fact that our oldiers are apparenlty enjoying their work is NOT GOOD PRESS.

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