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It's Not Hard To Send Social Security The Way Of Wall St. McCain Says

“It’s not too hard to solve Social Security,” said John McCain in tonight’s debate.

Oh, really? John McCain tried to give America his supposed fix for Social Security just three years ago now, and he couldn’t get the job done.

I, for one, am glad about that. John McCain’s idea of fixing Social Security was to transfer the Social Security trust fund over to Wall Street investment firms – you know, the ones that blew trillions of dollars by engaging in frenzied speculation into credit-default swaps.

If John McCain had been allowed to “reform” Social Security the way he wanted to back in 2005, there would be a lot of Americans right now who would not only have lost their homes, and lost their jobs – they would have lost their Social Security too. The last safety net to keep them from the gutter would be gone.

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