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Obama-McCain Debate Bingo Cards for October 7 2008

Tonight the second Presidential Debate between Barack Obama and John McCain will be aired on TV at 9 PM on just about all the network news stations, all the cable news stations and C-Span, which entertainingly broadcasts the pre-debate chastisement by the moderator. It was really fun last time to watch Jim Lehrer tell the audience to sit down and just shut up.

This debate is a Town Hall forum in Tennessee, stocked with undecided voters who, far from being told to shut up, are actually being allowed to ask questions. OK, OK, well, maybe ten of them will be allowed to ask questions, leaving the other 98% with their hands in the air, bouncing on their seats, saying, “Oooh! Oooh!,” then looking dejected. Who knows what they’ll ask? I hope they’ve got some zingers ready to throw the candidates off their talking points and force them to think on their feet.

While you watch, you might get a little bit bored, especially if the questions are soft-pitched and the prepared speeches get rolled out. So hey, why not have a little bit of fun? Below are three printable McCain-Obama Debate Bingo cards filled with words and phrases with a varying likelihood of being propelled out of a candidate’s mouth tonight, October 7 2008. You know the rules: five across, five down or five diagonally in a row and you win. Win what? That’s up to you and your competitors. As long as it’s behind closed doors, the rewards should be legal in most states.

Barack Obama John McCain Debate Bingo Card #1 for October 7, 2008

Barack Obama John McCain Debate Bingo Card #2 for October 7, 2008

Barack Obama John McCain Debate Bingo Card #3 for October 7, 2008

And here’s a blank card for you to fill in with your own best guesses:

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