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Hatchet Job on Sarah Palin and Thomas Muthee Forthcoming?

We were contacted today by the agent for prominent co-authors (I won’t name them out of courtesy) who are collaborating on an article regarding the connection between Sarah Palin and Thomas Muthee. You may recall that Sarah Palin, the vice presidential candidate, sat in the audience three years ago as Thomas Muthee preached before her on the importance of fundamentalist Christians “invading,” “infiltrating” and dominating government and public schools in order to displace alternative religions and impose theocracy. You may also recall that directly after this sermon (in which Muthee appears to have violated tax law by endorsing Palin for office and telling people to vote for her), Sarah Palin took to the stage and allowed Muthee to lay hands on her as they prayed together for Muthee’s vision to come to pass through her election.

This afternoon and evening, the agent for these co-authors passed on a message from them insinuating that by forwarding the video of Muthee and Palin we were possibly perpetrators of a “hoax” that was “falsified.” This claim isn’t new: if you go to YouTube and search for a video of “Muthee” and “Palin,” you’ll find multiple comments left by Palin supporters who proclaim that the video must be a hoax, a fake, a fraud. On the part of Palin supporters such comments indicate a desperate acknowledgment that, if actual, the video seriously damages Sarah Palin’s credibility. Regarding the coauthors, I am concerned that the question is the sign of an impending hit piece. In the same message they indicated awareness that the ultimate source of the video is the Wasilla Assemblies of God, where the video was taken and on the website of which the original video is still available. This simply and clearly means that the video is not, in fact, a fraud or a hoax — and that the authors already knew this. So why ask? That the authors asked for further personal information regarding people leaving comments here (which we, of course, did not supply) raises another flag of concern.

I may be off base, and it may just be that the authors need to hone their thinking (and their communication skills) a bit. But don’t be surprised if an ad hominem hatchet piece on the whole Palin-Muthee affair emerges in publication some time soon.

Update: I’ve received something close to assurances that this will be an up-and-up piece. Let’s hope and wait.

3 thoughts on “Hatchet Job on Sarah Palin and Thomas Muthee Forthcoming?”

  1. Elle says:

    It is interesting that, where they tried to crucify Obama, (and Palin is still trying) for his relationship with Rev. Wright and his “anti-american” message, they are strangely silent on Muthee and his message of the unconstitutional take over of the american government by christians, and the imposition of their values on the country.

    I have heard it said that for the most part, religion is out of bounds when it comes to reporting on the canidates. Now is this rule only applied when you are a white christian canidate?

    To me, religious beliefs are as much a matter of character as many of the other things they hit canidates with. A person of intolerant fundamentalist religious beliefs are a greater concern than someone who may once have been a communist or associated with former radicals.

  2. Ralph says:

    Come to think of it, religious affiliation might not be such a great gauge for an individual’s ethical character. Seems to me it reveals more about a person’s social and family relationships.

    I honestly wish we could stop looking at the religious affiliations of candidates (along with their sexual behavior with other consenting adults, etc.), and re-establish some expectation of privacy.

    Unfortunately, we can’t. And that is because the American people and government have allowed a number of churches–including apparently Sarah Palin’s church–to function like something akin to political parties, lobbying firms, or political action committees.

    So now we’ve got to watch churches politically, because they are political organizations.


    Strange on many levels.

    Has the agent who contacted IT provided provided any proof that he or she is who he or she claims to be?


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