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It’s Been Hard For Longer Than You Know, Wall St.

People in high offices on Wall Street, and financial elites in Washington D.C. like Ben Bernanke, have been talking about “grave threats to financial stability” for the last three weeks. Only people so removed from the everyday reality most Americans have to deal with could talk about “grave threats”. The threats are not grave. The economic reality is grave, and it’s been grave for a long while.

We’ve been dealing with the grave economic reality wrought by elites like Bernanke and Paulson for a long time, and we’re used to the challenges. To see these people freak out about their economic problems, while they’ve still got millions to spare even in the worst case scenario, is absurd, but it isn’t at all amusing.

Essentially, Wall Street’s economic crisis has been caused by fear: The fear of rich people that they might lose some of their riches to someone else. They’re seizing up. They’re refusing to lend a hand. They’re acting selfishly, and they’re depending upon us working Americans to bail them out.

The rest of us have been dealing with dwindling wealth for a long time, and there’s an old saying that keeps us going: I’ve been down so long that down don’t worry me. Here’s what it means, Wall Street: When times are bad, you don’t cower in a corner being afraid, because it’s not an option. You don’t pull the sheets up over your head and pretend that you’re still asleep. You don’t moan and cry about it like Paulson and Bernanke. You get up in the morning, and you keep on going, and you learn to live with it, because that’s the only thing that you can do, and you get over your worries, because worrying doesn’t make anything better.

Grow up and deal with the problems, Wall Street, and this financial mess will be over a lot sooner than if you keep on fussing about losing that little bit of your wealth that’s at risk. Put on your pinstripes and get to work.

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