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Campaign 08 Limerick Of the Day: McThatOne

From The American Center for Sarah Palin Inspirational Limericks:

As debates go, it was quite a flat one,
each answer most likely a pat one.
Though a night with no drama
is a win for Obama
the same can’t be said for Mc “That One.”

Can you type out some doggerel verse
To explain the McCain universe?
Post a comment right quick
With your own Limerick
Next to Palin you couldn’t do worse

1 comment to Campaign 08 Limerick Of the Day: McThatOne

  • Doug Harris

    There’s a smell in the States – why’s it so?
    Maybe in a few weeks it will go …
    Is it Democrat sweat?
    No-one’s really sure yet
    But it might be a case of BO.

    Doug Harris

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