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Pro-Obama T-Shirts from Haiti & Nicaragua on Sale at 10/10/08 Columbus, OH Rally

As people lined up for a Columbus, Ohio campaign rally featuring Barack Obama on October 10 2008, t-shirt hawkers lined up right next to them. Here’s what I saw:

Obama-Biden T-Shirt for sale in Columbus, Ohio 10/10/2008, made in Haiti

Nice design! T-shirt made in sweatshop-notorious Haiti.

Inspired by Warhol, Made by a Haitian: Pro-Obama T-Shirt Made in Haiti, Sold in Columbus Ohio on October 10, 2008

Hope that it’s made in sweatshop-free conditions. Believe what you want. Know that this one is made in Haiti, too, and sold on the cheap for a reason. Figure it out.

Pro-Obama T-Shirt Made in Nicaragua, seen in Columbus on October 10, 2008

This t-shirt complete with flying birds and royal lions is made in sweatshop haven Nicaragua.

These aren’t necessarily official Obama campaign products, but they are piggybacking on his popularity, selling a message of progressivism on a decidedly unprogressive product. That’s not the change I believe in.

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